General FAQs

VSU Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Apply for Housing?

    All VSU students have the option of living on-campus during their time at Valdosta State. To apply for campus housing, complete the Housing Application available in the Housing Portal:

      1. Navigate to MyVSU (
      2. Log in with your VSU email and password.
      3. Select the grey "View All" button under the “Portals” section.
      4. Scroll down and select Housing/Residence Hall Assignments
      5. Select "Application" from the top beige navigation banner.
      6. Choose the appropriate term.
      7. Select "Save & Continue" to proceed with the application.

    Visit How to Apply or contact Housing and Residence Life at (229) 333 - 5920 for more information.

  • How Do I Purchase Blazer Athletics Tickets?

    Valdosta State offers a variety of competitive intramural sports, including football and basketball. You can call (229) 333 - SEAT (7328) to purchase Blazer Athletics tickets. For a full list of Blazer Athletics sports, game schedules, team rosters and ticket information, check out Valdosta State Blazers.

  • Where is the Blazer Shuttle?

    Valdosta State provides shuttle bus services Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 11:00pm. You can track the Blazer Shuttle busses at or view the Blazer Shuttle Express Routes. Contact Parking and Transportation at (229) 293 - 7275 for more information.

  • Where is the VSU Bookstore?

    The VSU Bookstore is located on the first and second floors of the Student Union:

      • 1st Floor: Textbooks and School Supplies
      • 2nd Floor: VSU Merchandise, Apparel and More

    You can shop in-person or online via VSU's Bookstore Website. Contact the Bookstore at (229) 333 - 5666 for more information.

  • How Do I Access Campus Recreation Services and Facilities?

    Members of the VSU community are offered access to the Campus Recreation heated swimming pool, fitness facilities, equipment and programs.

    Visit the Campus Recreation Webpage or contact Campus Recreation at (229) 333 - 5898 for more information.

  • What Are My Campus Dining Options?

    Locations and Menus
    There are multiple campus dining locations and menus to choose from at Valdosta State University. Visit Blazer Dining: Locations and Menus to explore all your campus dining options. For additional assistance with Blazer Dining locations and menus, contact Blazer Dining.

    Meal Plans
    VSU Students living on campus are required to have a meal plan. Check out Blazer Dining: Meal Plans to view the available meal plan options. Although Dining Dollars and FLEX are two separate accounts, both link to your VSU 1Card and can be used to make on-campus food purchases. For assistance with Meal Plans (including FLEX and Dining Dollars), contact VSU 1Card Services at (229) 259 - 2593.

  • How Do I Reserve a Room On Campus?

    Event Services assists VSU recognized student organizations, departments and external organizations with reserving and renting facilities on campus for meetings and events. Room reservations can be made through the Event Management System (EMS) or by contacting Event Services at (229) 333 - 5998.

  • What Services Does Odum Library Offer?

    VSU students, faculty and staff are granted access to Odum Library and its services:

    Visit the Odum Library Webpage or contact Odum Library at (229) 333 - 5869 for more information.

  • Where Can I Park and Pay Parking Tickets?

    The VSU Parking Map shows parking locations available for residents, commuters and employees while citation payments and appeals can be processed through the Parking Portal. Visit the Parking and Transportation Webpage or contact Parking and Transportation at (229) 293 - 7275 for more information.

  • What Services Does Public Safety Offer?

    The University Police Department protects the VSU community and provides campus services such as:

    • Blazer Guardian App: Access within the V-State Mobile App, or download separately from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (Apple).

    • Police Escort (available 24/7): To request an escort, contact UPD at (229) 333 - 7816.

    • Lost & Found: To make a report, complete the Lost and Found Form or call (229) 333 - 7816.

    • Campus Carry: View House Bill 280 for more information on the "Campus Carry" legislation.

    • Crime/Emergency Response: To report a crime or emergency, contact UPD at (229) 259 - 5555.

    • Anonymous Tips: To report an anonymous tip, contact UPD at (229) 219 - 3171.

    Visit the Public Safety Webpage or contact UPD at (229) 333 - 7816 for more information.

  • How Do I Apply for Scholarships?

    Incoming Students
    Scholarships can be provided from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to incoming freshmen each Fall semester. To qualifiy, students must:

      • Be accepted into VSU by March 1
      • Have a minimum high school GPA of 3.1
      • Have a minimum SAT score of 1250 or an ACT score of 28

    View Undergraduate Admissions Scholarships or contact VSU Undergraduate Admissions at (229) 333 - 5791 for more information.

    Current Students
    Existing students can apply for the VSU General Scholarship for the academic year from October 1 through March 1 via Banner:

      1. Log into MyVSU with your VSU email and password.
      2. Select Banner > Financial Aid Application Menu tab > Apply for VSU Scholarships

    Visit the Financial Aid Webpage or contact Financial Aid at (229) 333 - 5935 for more information.

  • Where Can I Get Medical Assistance On Campus?

    The Student Health Center is available for currently enrolled full-time students who have paid the health fee and are taking at least one semester hour. Student Health Services include:

    Visit the Student Health Webpage or contact Student Health at (229) 333 - 5886 for more information. To reach the After Hours On-Call Nurse, call (229) 259 - 2083.

  • Where Can I Go for Tutoring and Academic Support?

    The Academic Support Center (ASC) offers peer tutoring, online tutoring through BlazeView, and academic workshops. Check out ASC Workshops for a complete list of available and upcoming workshops. Visit the Academic Support Center Webpage or contact Academic Support Center at (229) 333 - 7570 for more information.

  • How Do I Apply for a VSU Job?

    Valdosta State offers numerous campus employment opportunities to interested candidates. To apply, select the application link associated with the position(s) you're interested in:

    View the Human Resources Employment Opportunities or contact Human Resources at (229) 333 - 5709 for more information.

  • How Do I Apply for Graduation?

    Undergraduate Programs:
    Students should apply for graduation at least two (2) full semesters in advance of the anticipated graduation date by:

      1. Completing the Electronic Graduation Application
      2. Providing Payment for Graduation Fee

    For more information, review the Undergraduate Graduation Requirements or contact the Registrar at (229) 333 - 5727.

    Graduate Programs:

    For more information, review the Graduate Graduation Requirements or contact the Graduate School at (229) 333 - 5694.

  • When and Where is Graduation?

    VSU Undergraduate and Graduate Commencement Ceremonies take place each year on campus in May and December. Graduation specifics, including dates and locations, are available on the VSU Commencement Webpage. Contact Event Services at (229) 333 - 5998 for more information.

  • How Do I Check or Add Funds to FLEX?

    FLEX accounts are campus debit accounts which are separate from Student Accounts in Banner and Dining/Meal Plan accounts. You can check and add funds to your FLEX account online using the VSU 1Card Services Portal. For more information, review the FLEX Account Webpage or contact 1Card Services at (229) 259 - 2593.

  • How Do I Find My Campus Mail Box Number?

    VSU Students can access their campus mail box number by:

    1. Navigating to MyVSU > Banner
    2. Select "Campus Mail Box" from under the Student Main Menu

    SGSC students can access their campus mailbox number by contacting Campus Mail at (229) 333 - 5672. For more information, visit the Campus Mail Webpage.

  • What Services Does the New Media Center Offer?

    The New Media Center offers a number of services for VSU students and employees such as:

    For more information, visit the New Media Center Webpage or contact the New Media Center at (229) 333 - 5863.