Loan Department Home

The Loan Department is a division within the Office of Financial Aid. Our purpose is to provide students with information necessary to make informed decisions regarding the acceptance of Federal Student loans, Federal Parent-Plus Loans, Graduate Loans as well as other Private/Alternative Student Loans.

The loan department receives and processes all online and paper (manual) Federal Student loan applications. The Loan Department also receives and processes electronic certification notifications from private lenders for student loan disbursements.

Our staff is available to assist students with individual loan inquiries and information to monitor current and previous student loans. The purpose of the Loan Department is to provide quality and timely loan processing and certification for all student loan needs to ensure that funds are in place prior to fee deadlines.

The average Federal Loan indebtedness for those undergraduate students graduating in the most recent year, who borrowed funds through the Federal Direct Loan Program at VSU, is $29,776.  The 2014 3 Year Cohort Default Rate, our most recent available default rate, was 8.7%.