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Welcome to the Valdosta State University Online Directory. Please use the field below to search for VSU Faculty, Staff, and Departments.

If you have questions about the Directory, please consult the tips below before contacting Web Services. For a full list of Athletics staff, please visit the Athletics website directory.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this search work?

    Searches are not case sensitive. Use one the following formats: lastname, firstname, title, department, email, or full name. You may also search by phone number (see phone tips below). Phone numbers should be entered without spaces, periods or other characters. For example: 229-333-5800. If you know the extension, you can search for it. For example: 5800.
  • What can I search for?

    This search page retrieves only campus directory information (e.g. names, e-mail addresses, etc.). If you are looking for other information, or can't find a particular person, you may want to try searching using the search box at the top of this page.
  • Why can't I find the person I'm looking for? I know he or she is affiliated with Valdosta State.

    This directory only lists VSU faculty and staff. Individuals may elect to keep all or some of their contact information private. If you know their department, search for the department and call the main number. If you can't find someone you are looking for, you’re unsure of the spelling, try a partial search. For example, Johns returns Johnston and Johnson.
  • Why can't I see all of an individual's contact information?

    The individual may have chosen to make some data available while keeping other information private.
  • I want to contact a department, but I'm not sure who to call. How do I reach the main desk?

    Use the search above to find the department. Click on the correct department in the results to see all faculty and staff for that department, as well as a main contact number at the top of the results.
  • My own contact information is missing or incorrect. What should I do?

    Directory data is linked to each department’s web site. If you or your colleague’s information is incorrect, please contact your department’s web master.
  • Is there a mobile version of this directory?

    This directory is available for all devices via the same link as the desktop version.
  • Is this a directory for departmental listings (versus searching for individuals)?

    Yes. Search for a department above, or click a department in individual results for the full department listing.

Still have questions? Contact Web Services via the “Feedback” link in the footer of this page. Thanks!