About eLearning:

The Center for eLearning’s team of instructional designers and technologists serve as Valdosta State University’s distance learning and teaching professionals. We are poised to assist you with your online, hybrid, and technology-enhanced needs and promote leadership through strategic planning, expertise, instructional design, best practices, and dedicated support for faculty, staff, and students. 


We partner with faculty to enhance student-centered learning experiences and high impact practices to make learning more innovative, accessible, and meaningful across multiple learning environments. In this effort, we offer a wide range of services, including instructional design consultations, review and revision of online courses, and workshops focused on applying best practices for teaching online and integrating learning tools. 


When it comes to learning online, we are here to assist our students through BlazeVIEW technical support. This includes troubleshooting assignment and quiz issues, assisting in multimedia assessments and submissions, and providing tutorials and guides for BlazeVIEW.  


As more programs move online, we support our staff through BlazeVIEW training, course development, and consultations. This includes creating virtual training opportunities for your department, increasing your BlazeVIEW presence with organizational shells, and helping you develop your online teaching and learning knowledge.   

So, whether you need assistance with course design, technical support, or best practices in distance learning, we have you covered!

"Our Goal: Empower the success of the faculty, staff, and students at Valdosta State University." - Marsha Dukes, Associate Director of eLearning