Student FAQs and Resources

The Center for eLearning supports VSU and VSU-collaborative students with troubleshooting support for technology-enhanced courses using BlazeVIEW or GoVIEW. The Center provides administrative support and assistance to students in USG collaborative initiatives including the collaborative graduate Education programs and eCore® delivered via INGRESS and GoVIEW. In addition, to support, Center staff also facilitate web- and video-conferencing for academic purposes.

If you are looking for quick links to online resources and support, our Visual Guide for Online Learning is the place to start. Click on the image below to view or download a copy!

Visual Guide for Online Learning image

To view the academic schedule and featured events/activities please visit the following calendars:

Schedule of Classes

Check the Schedule of Classes often as this list may not represent the final information for each class and is frequently updated.


  • VSU Academic Calendar
  • Graduate Collaborative
    • Certificate in Online Teaching
    • Education Specialist in Teacher Leadership
    • Gifted In-Field Endorsement
    • Master of Arts for Teachers in Special Education - Adapted Curriculum
    • Master of Arts for Teachers in Special Education - General Curriculum
    • Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction - Accomplished Teaching
    • Master of Education in Middle Grades Education - Math and Science
    • Master of Science in Nursing in Family Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
    • Online Teaching Endorsement
  • GA WebMBA
  • eLanguage
  • eCore

Important Applications for Students:

Students can take advantage of these services through the Center for eLearning. To contact our office please email

  • MyVSU - MyVSU currently houses a number of portals, including those for faculty, students and events. Students can sign on once and immediately be connected to these tier services as well as resources they access regularly such as:
    • BlazeVIEW
    • GoVIEW
    • Banner Registration System
    • Student Online Account Center
    • Hoonuit (formerly Atomic Learning)
    • Qualtrics
    • Password Reset Tool
    • VSU email
    • ProctorU
    • Kaltura
  • BlazeVIEW - Integrated Learning Platform used by Valdosta State University
  • GoVIEW - collaborative Integrated Learning Platform.
  • Blackboard Collaborate - Valdosta State University utilizes Blackboard Collaborate for academic and non academic web conferencing.
  • eCore®

Online Student Resources

  • Academic Resources

    Academic Support Center - The Academic Support Center provides online tutoring for all VSU students. Online students can take advantage of this as they offer online appointments that can be scheduled through BlazeVIEW.

    Peer Tutoring with a VSU tutor - VSU tutors are available for online appointments for most core and some upper-level division courses.

    Online Tutoring through ThinkingStorm - ThinkingStorm is a web-based tutoring site which offers 24/7 access to online tutoring. 

    To make an appointment:

      • Login to your MyVSU portal. On the list of panels, click BlazeVIEW D2L. Then click on any class tile you have listed.
      • On the 'Resources' tab, click 'ThinkingStorm Online Tutoring'. On the righthand side, click the yellow 'Start Now' button for online-only appointments. The red button is for in-person appointments during the posted office hours.

    Phone: 229-333-7570

    Academic Calendar - This calendar lists important dates such as holidays, school closure dates, and the first and last days of class. 

    Odum Library - Odum library has a multitude of resources to assist distance learners with finding all information and materials which they need. The GIL catalog is online and includes many online journals and eBooks. Some of the services offered for distance students include: 

    Research Appointments - Appointments can be made with a research librarian for assistance with research for papers and projects. These appointments can take place in person, online, and over the phone. 

    LiveChat - This is a feature that allows students to chat with a librarian online with questions that they may have.

    InterLibrary Loan (ILL) - This allows students, faculty, and staff to get materials from other campuses delivered to VSU, or have materials from VSU sent to a library near you.

    Anywhere Access - This service allows all VSU students to access the Library's databases off-campus. 

    Circulation: 229-333-5869

    Reference Services: 229-333-7149

    VSU Bookstore - The bookstore on campus is available online and includes books as well as VSU apparel. 

  • FAQ - Have a question? We have answers!

    1. Where are my classes located?
    2. What is the difference between SmartPath and eCore?
    3. How do I log into GoVIEW?
    4. How do I know if the class I'm registering for is a VSU course or an eCore course?
    5. There aren't any spots left in an eCore class I want to take! What do I do?
    6. Help! Why can't I register for an eCore class?

    1. Where are my classes located?

    This answer can be found when you register for the class/in Banner! Check the "campus" location: Main Campus classes are face-to-face at VSU; Online Campus classes are offered through BlazeVIEW; eCore Campus classes are offered through GoVIEW.

    Image of a chart. The top row reads course campus. The bottom row reads main campus, online campus, and ecore campus. Red arrows point to the columns.

    2. What is the difference between SmartPath and eCore?

    SmartPath courses are offered through BlazeVIEW and are taught by VSU instructors. Because SmartPath courses are housed at VSU, you have ready and easy access to instructors and advisors. Find more information about SmartPath Core by visiting our website!

    eCore classes are offered through GoVIEW. eCore classes are taught by instructors all over the state of Georgia, which means you might not have access to a VSU professor through an eCore class. Find more information about eCore by visiting our website!

    3. How do I log into GoVIEW?

    First time logging into GoVIEW? You'll need to create your account! Select the "forgot my password" option and put in your username.

    Username: first part of your VSU email address_vsu
    Example: mclawson_vsu

    You will receive an email with a password reset link. Follow the directions there to log into GoVIEW.

    ***You must be registered for an eCore class to have access to GoVIEW.

    4. How do I know if the class I'm registering for is a VSU course or an eCore course?

    When registering, take note of the campus location! eCore classes are clearly identified. Remember that eCore classes are offered through GoVIEW.

    5. There aren't any spots left in an eCore class I want to take! What do I do?

    No worries! As long as you meet the pre-reqs for the eCore class, we can override you into the course. Email to request an override.

    6. Help! Why can't I register for an eCore class?

  • Careers

    Career Opportunities - Career Opportunities is open to all VSU students and alumni. This office helps students with interviews, resumes, and job searching. 

    Virtual Career Advising - This webpage contains multiple links that are aimed to help students with career planning, interview preparations, resume tips, and job search strategies. 

    Blazer Briefcase - This app allows VSU students and alumni to connect to employers through a career network. Students can build a profile to show work history, academic accolades, and extracurricular activities. You can follow employers and search for job postings. This resource also connects students directly with Career Opportunities in an online format. 

    Phone: 229-333-5942

  • Mental Health and Wellness Resources

    Counseling Center - The Counseling Center is located in the Student Health Center. All counseling appointments are free to VSU students.

    Online Seminars and Workshops - These seminars and workshops are aimed at college students and meant to address subjects like time management, relationships, and test anxiety reduction, all in an online format. 

    Virtual Relaxation Rooms - This webpage contains several relaxation methods such as relaxation audio and video clips, tips to follow, helpful apps, and links to help you relax.

    Their website offers tips for managing stress and anxiety as well as in-depth information on body images and eating disorders, suicide awareness, and diversity. The VSU Counseling Center understands that students have different needs. There is information, links to helpful outside websites, and outside VSU resources for each of the following types of students: first-generation college students, graduate students, international students, LGBTQ students, performing arts students, students athletes, and veteran students. 

    Phone: 229-333-5942

    Access Office - The Access Office ensures all students with disabilities have access to courses and coursework while also assisting with modifications of classwork and testing. They offer the following services for both in person students and online learners:

    Faculty Liaison - These individuals assist students who need modifications for classes due to disabilities.

    Technology Services - These include: Speech recognition software, screen magnification software, Text-to-Speech software, CCTV, computerized notetaking, closed captioning software, Braille embossing, Type and Speak, and Thermo Pen. 

    Classroom Modifications - Readers, scribes, sign-language interpreting, and priority registration. 

    Phone: 229-245-2498

    Video Phone: 229-375-5871

    Campus Recreation - The recreation center, while on campus, also offers online options for distance learners to use to get active.

    Online Fitness - The Campus Recreation online fitness page includes health and wellness tips, instructional videos, at-home workouts, and a Work Out of the Week. 

    Phone: 229-333-5898


  • Safety Resources

    Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force - This VSU department's website offers important information about relationship violence, sexual violence, stalking and cyberstalking as well as tips on how to increase your own safety and how to help a survivor. The website also includes community and VSU resources for sexual assault victims and explains how to report a sexual assault. 

    Phone: 229-333-5941

    University Police - The University Police aim to keep the campus safe for all students, faculty, and staff. They provide police escorts and offer a Blazer Gaudian App. This app provides ways to send anonymous messages to UPD and offers a virtual escort feature. The app can be downloaded here:

    Google Play Store

    iTunes Store

  • Technology

    VSU IT Services - VSU IT services offer help with personal devices, MyVSU, and information technology.

    Phone: 229-245-4357

    V-State Mobile App- This app gives students access to resources and services across campus on a mobile device through one source. Students can access Banner, BlazeVIEW, email, the bookstore, emergency police, and more, all through one location.

  • News

    Valdosta State University Magazine - Read the most current issue online to stay in touch with the University and what it is doing for the community. 

    The Spectator - This is the online Valdosta State University Student Newspaper. Written by students, the articles showcase important news about faculty, students, campus activities, and athletics.