VISUAL SCHEDULE BUILDER (VSB) is a dynamic, real-time class scheduling and registration tool. VSB arranges your desired courses into conflict-free timetable options and displays them in an easy-to-read weekly schedule.

Once you select the schedule that works best for you, simply click a button and register!
Disclaimer: VSB does not replace the need for academic advising or degree auditing.

How to Use VSB

1. Log in to the MyVSU portal  using your VSU email and password.

2. Click Visual Schedule Builder from the Portals list.

If Visual Schedule Builder is not listed, click View All and select it from the alphabetical listing.

Visual Schedule Builder 5.0 screenshot

Note: Click the Increase Accessibility link located below the Select Course box to enable website accessibility features.

1. Select the appropriate Term and desired Instructional Methods.

2. Enter a course code or name in the Select Course box.

3. Filter your preferences.

4. Use the arrows under Generated Results to move between schedule options.
The chart on the right will adapt to the changes as you move between your options.

5. Click Show More to view any restrictions the course may have to determine if you qualify to register for that particular course.

6. Once you have your desired schedule, click "Get this Schedule" button. A confirmation page displays next with a list of your classes. At the bottom of your list of classes are two buttons: “Cancel” and “Do Actions”. Click Do Actions to register for classes.

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Note: Videos demonstrate VSB 4.0.

How to Access and Navigate VSB (3:09ms)


Considering Class Restrictions and Multiple Sections (1:42ms)


How to Select Courses and Register (3:49ms)

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VIEW OR PRINT: Detailed VSB Guide (.pdf file)   |   DEFINITIONS


eCore Short Session 1 – eCore course that meets during the first part of the term

eCore Short Session 2 – eCore course that meets during the second part of the term

FLC –Freshman Learning Communities

Dual Enrollment –High school students eligible to enroll in college classes

SmartPath SS1 – SmartPath online course that meets in the first part of the term

SmartPath SS2 – SmartPath online course that meets in the second part of the term

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Registration Questions: Contact the Office of the Registrar

Advising Questions: Contact University Advising & Student Transitions

Technical Questions: Contact VSU Solutions Center