Withdrawal Policy

These policies apply to both undergraduate and graduate students at Valdosta State University for all classes offered by VSU, whether delivered face-to-face or online.* However, some VSU students may be enrolled in classes offered through Georgia ON my LINE (GOML) or eCore. In these programs, some policies and processes may differ slightly. Students taking classes in those programs should visit the links below for further information.

GOML - For GOML classes offered by VSU, students are able to withdraw themselves online; however, if they do so after the designated withdrawal date, they will receive a WF. If these students have documentation for medical or hardship circumstances, they should complete the appropriate process as outlined below. If that paperwork is approved through the normal process in the Dean of Students Office, faculty members will have the option of changing the grade from a WF to a W.

eCore - While VSU students enrolled in eCore courses must follow eCore withdrawal policies, any withdrawals from eCore may be counted in the limited withdrawal policy described below.

Before the Designated Withdrawal Date

Students may withdraw from courses following the drop/add period until approximately one week after midterm by completing the online withdrawal process on BANNER. A grade of "W" will appear in the student's official records if the student has withdrawn five or fewer times per the Limited Withdrawal Policy. For the sixth and each subsequent withdrawal that counts under this policy, students will receive a grade of “WF.”

However, a student may not exercise this right to withdraw to avoid sanction for academic dishonesty. Instructors may assign a “W” on the proof roll for students not attending class. It is the responsibility of the student to complete the withdrawal process. A withdrawal is official when it is received and processed by the Office of the Registrar.

After the Designated Withdrawal Date

Students will not be allowed to withdraw after the designated withdrawal date as published in the school calendar as required by Board of Regents’ policy; however, students may petition an exception to the Board of Regents’ withdrawal deadline for cases of hardship by completing a petition for withdrawal form available in the Dean of Students Office, Student Union, 3rd Floor. The petition will become a permanent part of the student’s file. If the petition is approved, the student will be assigned a grade of "W" unless there was a previous sanction for academic dishonesty.

No fee adjustment will be made for withdrawals except as outlined in the Refunds and Withdrawals Policy. The Office of Student Financial Services will receive a copy of the withdrawal form for refunding if applicable.

Students receiving financial aid should be aware that withdrawal from courses may affect continued financial aid eligibility. Refer to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for additional information.

*Limit on Course Withdrawals (5 "W" Policy) For Undergraduate Students Only

Effective Fall 2010, all undergraduate students are limited to five course withdrawal (“W”) grades for their entire enrollment at Valdosta State University. Once a student has accumulated five “W” grades, all subsequent withdrawals (whether initiated by the student in BANNER or initiated by the instructor during Attendance Verification) will be recorded as “WF.” The grade of “WF” is calculated as an “F” for GPA purposes.

The limit on withdrawals does not apply if a student withdraws from all classes in a given semester before the midterm point of the semester. The following types of withdrawals do not count against the limit of five course withdrawal (“W”) grades:

  • Hardship withdrawals (see process below)
  • Medical or mental health withdrawals (see process below)
  • Military withdrawals
  • Grades of “WF”
  • Withdrawals taken in semesters before Fall Semester 2010
  • Withdrawals taken at other institutions
  • Transfer students, regardless of their classification upon enrolling at Valdosta State University, are also limited to five withdrawals at Valdosta State University.

 Additional Policies