VSU’s Current Withdrawal Process in Spring 2020

VSU’s current withdrawal policy (https://www.valdosta.edu/academics/academic-affairs/advising/withdrawal-policy.php), provides the process for students to withdraw from a class both before and after the designated withdrawal date.  For students currently in regular full-term classes for Spring 2020, the designated withdrawal date was Thursday, March 12.  Before that date, students could go online and withdraw themselves.  Beginning Friday, March 13, students could withdraw only by seeking a late medical or hardship withdrawal through Student Affairs.

Withdrawal Process for Spring 2020 Only

With the transition to online instruction scheduled to begin on Monday, March 30, students may face obstacles in successfully negotiating this transition for a variety of reasons and feel that they may need to withdraw from classes.  In these instances, they should email the Registrar’s Office (registrar@valdosta.edu) to express their desire to withdraw and why.

The Registrar’s Office will forward the request to the instructors involved as well as the student’s academic advisor. Both should reach out to students as soon as possible, but within no more than five business days.

If, after conversation with these individuals, students decide to withdraw from any or all classes, they must complete the following steps through their academic advisors.  Their academic advisors will help them with the following:

  • Forwarding a request to approve a one or more course withdrawal* to the Registrar’s Office which will complete the withdrawal process. This process should be completed by Friday, May 1.
  • Helping students who wish to complete a medical or hardship withdrawal from ALL courses through the online application for medical or hardship withdrawal. If approved, the full withdrawal will be processed by the Registrar’s Office. This application must be completed and submitted by the last calendar day of 2020.

*For Spring 2020, the limited withdrawal policy for undergraduate students will be waived.

 Additional Policies