Welcome New Faculty

College of Arts

Ms. Lindsay Godin, Assistant Professor
Ms. Kaleena Stasiak, Limited Term Faculty

Communication Arts
Dr. Arrington Stoll, Limited Term Faculty

Dr. Lara Wilson, Limited Term Faculty
Mr. Benjamin Vasko, Limited Term Faculty

College of Science and Mathematics

Dr. Emily Rose, Assistant Professor
Mr. Joshua Brown, Limited Term Faculty
Ms. Dariana Rodriguez, Limited Term Faculty

Chemistry Department
Dr. Kurt Winkelmann, Department Head and Professor

Mr. James Batley, Limited Term Faculty
Mr. Carson Anderson, Limited Term Faculty

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

African American Studies
Dr. M. Denise Lovett, Program Coordinator and Associate Professor

Political Science 
Dr. Zachary Karazsia, Assistant Professor
Dr. Keith Lee, Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Public Administration, Political Science

Ms. Tiffanie Goff, Limited Term Faculty 
Ms. Rachel Miller, Limited Term Faculty 
Mr. Jason Smith, Limited Term Faculty 
Ms. Kathleen Williams, Limited Term Faculty 
Ms. Chelsea Plunkett, Limited Term Faculty 
Mr. Brandon Haynes, Limited Term Faculty 
Ms. Hillary Ring, Limited Term Faculty
Mr. Ronald Walker, Limited Term Faculty

Modern and Classical Language
Ms. Lizbeth Heath, Limited Term Faculty

Langdale College of Business Administration

Management and Health Care Administration
Dr. Wenjuan Guo, Assistant Professor

Marketing and International Business
Mr. Mark Kesh, Lecture
Dr. Amy Watson, Assistant Professor

Dewar College of Education & Human Services

Teacher Education
Dr. William DeLeeuw, Assistant Professor
Mr. Lonnie Maddox, Instructor

Curriculum, Leadership & Technology
Dr. Laverne Hill, Assistant Professor
Dr. Jiyoon Jung, Assistant Professor

Human Services
Dr. Josephine Chaumba, Program Director and Associate Professor Social Work
Ms. Karlesia Montague, Assistant Professor
Dr. Huzeyfe Cakmakci, Assistant Professor

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Dr. James C. Pace

Associate Dean
Dr. Mark Reinhardt

Ms. Dameka Wilson-Vickers, Lecturer
Ms. Angela Felkins, Lecturer
Ms. Victoria Gordon, Limited Term Faculty

Health Science
Mr. Benjamin Davis, Limited Term Faculty