Academic Advisors Should

  • help advisees understand the requirements of their programs (both general education and major) and to plan appropriately to meet those requirements.

  • keep track of any changes in degree programs or requirements.

  • meet regularly with advisees to assist them with selecting and scheduling appropriate courses to meet program requirements.

  • inform advisees of the standards for satisfactory academic progress and to keep track of advisee performance.

  • help advisees prepare paperwork necessary to meet program requirements, such as course substitutions and waivers.

  • keep careful records of each advising session and of the advice given to advisees.

  • work with advisees to provide correct information for the application for graduation.

  • refer advisees as needed to other offices on campus for assistance with academic, personal, or emotional difficulties.

Advisees Should

  • know the requirements of the degree program in which they are enrolled, including keeping track of any changes each year.

  • know when to submit required paperwork, including the application for graduation two semesters before the anticipated date.

  • work with an advisor to develop a curriculum plan which will allow them to stay on track for their planned graduation, recognizing other responsibilities they might have including family and work obligations.

  • keep careful records of their own progress toward their desired degree.

  • maintain regular contact with their advisor, including letting the advisor know of any changes since the last advising session.

  • prepare, in advance, for each session with their advisor and to bring relevant materials to advising sessions.

  • follow through with questions concerning degree requirements, grades, paperwork, or other matters.

  • become familiar with resources available to help them.