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Infobase offers educational institutions access to a complete training library of over 80,000 short, show-and-tell video courses on over 205 of the most common applications.  

      • Just-in-time training on the most common software applications.
      • Technology how-tos and self assessments to review your individual skill level.
      • Video storytelling guide to plan and create quality movies.

It is an online resource that provides in-depth support for ongoing learning for students and includes a "learning framework," which works to both enhance and personalize student learning using different components. Popular videos include APA Basics, Photoshop, Excel, Leadership Styles, Effective Listening Skills, and Acrobat Pro.

In addition, the Infobase training library can be used for professional development and continuous learning opportunities for educators.

Infobase tutorials are available to faculty, staff, and students 24 hours a day & 365 days a year.

Please view the Infobase Course List for a comprehensive, categorized list of courses available through Infobase. 

Infobase Integration in BlazeVIEW

Full integration of Infobase tutorials is now available within BlazeVIEW D2L. With the full integration, you can incorporate Infobase tutorials directly into your courses, and your students can view them inside of BlazeVIEW without having to exit to Infobase. This is another excellent tool that faculty members can utilize for BlazeVIEW face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses.

NOTE: This integration will NOT be available in GoVIEW as it is a collaborative environment and we have students enrolled from other universities that may not have access to Infobase at their home institutions.

Please contact the Center for eLearning at 229-245-6490 or for assistance with adding Infobase to your course.

To Access Infobase from MyVSU:

  • Log into MyVSU using your Active Directory account.
  • On the MyVSU homepage, scroll down to "View All'' Portals.
  • Select Infobase from your Portals.