Qualtrics is VSU’s survey tool available to administrators, faculty, staff and students. Qualtrics is a powerful product which facilitates survey creation, distribution, and data monitoring/collection.

To Login:

  • Select: MyVSU from any VSU webpage
  • Login:  with your Active Directory Account
  • Select: Qualtrics

Updates to the Qualtrics User Interface (Spring 2021)

Updates to the Qualtrics platform support their commitment to an “experience-first” design that is easy to use, consistent, predictable, and inclusive. All existing functionality of the following features will remain with the updates, aside from a minor change to the Catalog (project creation).
  1. Navigation Changes: Navigation to features like Admin, Projects, Catalog, Directories, Tickets, Journeys, etc. are now under an expandable menu.
  2. Catalog: The menu where you create projects has been totally revamped, and is now easy to navigate to no matter where you are in Qualtrics.
  3. Survey Builder Redesign: The survey builder has been redesigned to be easier to use and more intuitive. 
  4. Survey Options: Survey options redesigned with better, clearer naming and different bucketing.
  5. Actions Basic Overview: Actions tab in a survey has been updated to align with global actions UI. Additionally, there is a new user interface for selecting events and tasks with an added search bar.

This video previews the updates to the user interface:

Qualtrics Support Resources

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact Daniel Smith in the Center for eLearning at 229-245-6490 or dsmith@valdosta.edu.