TurningPoint is a complete web-based or desktop polling (student response system) solution that allows students to respond to questions from a personal device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) rather than a physical handheld clicker. 

Clickers in the Classroom

A clicker, or student response system, is a tool for active learning in the classroom through 100% student participation in question-and-answer sessions. Students may need to purchase a clicker device or subscription from the VSU Bookstore and can be used in all of their classes where faculty adopt this technology.

What's New with TurningPoint?

Terminology Updates

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TurningPoint Cloud  > TurningPoint or TurningPoint Web
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  • Excel Chart Flash and Lag repaired
  • Create Content Offline without logging into the software
  • Multiple select, delete and/or export session files
  • Auto Sync Integration for BlazeVIEW with the ability to email students

Student Overview:

TurningPoint subscription and/or a clicker (if required) is supported by VSU and used in classrooms all across campus. If your instructor allows it, you can also download the free TurningPoint Mobile app (previously known as ResponseWare) from your device app store and use your mobile device to respond to "clicker" questions in class. You must still purchase and register a TurningPoint subscription to use your mobile device as a clicker.  TurningPoint subscriptions and clickers are available for purchase at the VSU Bookstore. 

You can use the same device for multiple classes during the same semester. Depending on which subscription you purchase, you can also use the device for multiple semesters. Once a subscription expires, you will need to purchase a new subscription to continue using the TurningPoint Mobile app or a QT2, QT, or NXT clicker.


  • You answer questions in private – no need for you to raise your hand and be called upon.
  • The answers are collected almost instantly. This allows you and your instructor to make efficient use of your time together in the classroom.
  • The system (TurningPoint) will give a summary of all the answers submitted after the question ends, giving you and your instructor valuable and immediate feedback. With this feedback, your instructor will know what points need more discussion and explanation, and which points are understood.

Students must use their @VALDOSTA.EDU email address to create a TurningPoint Account! If you used any other email address, points will not sync/display in BlazeVIEW until you correct your email address with TurningPoint.

To correct your email address:

Call 866-746-3015 (the TurningPoint Help Desk)
Ask them to correct your email address and move your subscription (license) to the new email address

Get started using your clicker device:

  • Downloads coming soon!!
    • QT2 Device user guide
    • QT Device user guide
    • NXT Clicker user guide

If your instructor allows the use of smartphones, tablets, or laptops to submit responses in class, get started using the TurningPoint Mobile App:

Download and install the TurningPoint App from the Apple store or the Android Play Store.

TurningPoint- iTunes Store
TurningPoint- Play Store

Note: If you experience issues joining a class, then join via smartphone or tablet browser(s). The browser URL is https://student.turningtechnologies.com/#/respond 


Faculty Resources:

Instructor TurningPoint Clicker Video Tutorials

TurningPoint Live Training Webinars

TurningPoint Clicker User Guide and FAQs

QT Device Quick Start Guide


With clickers, every student in class can respond to questions asked by the instructor. This makes it possible for faculty to evaluate student learning and comprehension as content is being presented. Using clicker technology then becomes a powerful tool that instructors can use to create a truly engaged and fun atmosphere as detailed by Derek Bruff in "Teaching with Classroom Response Systems: Creating Active Learning Environments".

Bruff states that "The consensus of several literature reviews seems to be that the use of clickers often increases student attendance, participation, and enjoyment of classes and provides students and instructors with useful feedback of student learning." He also states that the impact of clickers on student learning depends on the instructional method in which they are used.


Center for eLearning: Monday-Thursday, 8a.m.-5:30p.m.; Friday, 8a.m.-3p.m. ET 229.245.6490

Turning Technologies: Monday-Friday, 8a.m.-5p.m. ET 866.746.3015


During a presentation or lecture - TurningPoint software allows instructors to insert clicker questions into PowerPoint presentations. This method is used for quick polling or question-and-answer sessions. This software is not a stand-alone product. It is an Add-in menu for Microsoft PowerPoint. Scores from clicker responses can be published to BlazeVIEW.

For Self-Paced Testing (use clickers instead of Scantron sheets) - TurningKey software allows instructors to test students with traditional paper tests. Instructors use TurningKey to create an answer key from new or existing tests and deliver the test using clickers. Students use their clickers to record and send their answers. Results can be published to BlazeVIEW


Increase student participation
Increase student engagement during lectures and presentations
Collect frequent feedback on student learning
Assess students
Record student responses as participation grades
For more information visit Derek Bruff's website.


Bruff, D. (2009). Teaching with classroom response systems. San Francisco: Jossey Bass.