What is Kaltura?

Kaltura is a video recording, storage, and distribution tool made available through D2L Brightspace. Users can access it directly through (BlazeVIEW). Contact us to schedule a training and learn how to use My Media, develop a course Media Gallery, and take full advantage of CaptureSpace including installing and launching CaptureSpace.

With Kaltura you can:

  • Create video via webcam and screen capture, or use optional add-on. Kaltura's end-to-end video capture solution for easy personal capture. Learn More
  • Add preexisting video from personal files, institution libraries, and even YouTube
  • Organize media in a personal media repository, course galleries, or a shared faculty repository
  • Edit media by clipping, uploading captions, adding chapters, and managing thumbnails
  • Publish as part of a course media gallery, video assignment, test, announcement, blog, or more

Kaltura is essentially a YouTube for D2L.

Videos are hosted on the system and can be embedded virtually anywhere in a course. Every BlazeVIEW user (faculty, staff, and students) has their own media space in the Kaltura streaming media server called My Media, where personal content is stored and can be managed. 

About Kaltura My Media

The Kaltura My Media area is a private space where media content may be uploaded and managed. From the My Media area, you may edit your videos' options, create clips from your videos, delete videos, publish videos to the Course Media Gallery, and more.

About Kaltura Media Gallery

The Kaltura Media Gallery is a searchable gallery of media content for a specific course. Any media set as Published will be available to your students here. Students may also publish to the Media Gallery, but their videos must be Approved by instructors before others can see them, since the Media Gallery is a "Moderated" space, and Instructors are the "moderators". 

To view and manage all media you have created, go to My Media.

What is CaptureSpace?

CaptureSpace is a personal capture tool which runs natively on both PC and Mac. The tool allows you to capture PowerPoint presentations, make screen recordings, webcam recordings, or just voice recordings.