Loan Frequently Asked Questions

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You may apply for Federal Student loans using the summer application for Financial Aid that is posted each academic year on our Forms Menu.

Summer Application for Financial Aid

or by using the online Federal Direct Loan Request Form from the Forms menu (Additional comments may be added for further instructions or specific requests).

How to complete a Direct Loan Request form:

Log in to

  1. Click the “requests” link in the top/right corner of the page.
  2. Choose the loan that you wish to apply for (Direct Loan Request).
  3. Briefly explain why you are wishing to complete this form.
  4. Fully complete the form that has been generated. Be sure to click the “submit” and “finish” buttons after completing and signing the form.

Log onto using your FAFSA ID and Password to complete your MPN and Loan Counseling.

The yearly maximum for the Federal Stafford Loan is awarded for fall and spring semesters of an academic year. If you plan to attend summer, those funds must be adjusted in order to leave funds for summer by requesting less than the full amounts for fall and spring.

If the maximum loan limit has been received during Fall and Spring Semesters, students will not be eligible to borrow additional funds for the summer semester (unless there has been a grade level change from freshman to sophomore or sophomore to junior). 

If the Plus loan has been denied for previous terms and the full amount of the additional funds have not been used, the remaining funds may be used for summer.

Note:  Private student loans may also be requested for additional summer aid.

Certain scholarships can be seen in BANNER such as Odum, Athletic, and other scholarships. However, private scholarships and VSU Foundation scholarships will not be seen on BANNER. If a student has questions about these scholarships and if they have arrived, they need to contact the Financial Aid office and ask for the Scholarship Department.

Private loans may be seen on BANNER once they are posted to the student account. If it is not visible, then VSU has not received the loan from the loan company; so the student will not see it on their BANNER account.

Corrections may be made to the loan by filling out the online loan (Federal Direct Loan Request) form at