Police Escort Services

The Valdosta State University Police Department has established an escort program at Valdosta State University. This program provides additional protection to all VSU Associates (faculty, staff, students, and visitors) while walking around campus.  It is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our police officers are prepared to provide a walking escort to any member of the VSU community to any location on campus upon request.  If you wish to utilize the service, simply dial (229) 333-7816.  Once requested, a University Police Officer will meet you at a predetermined location and escort you to your destination.


  Blazer Guardian App:

The Blazer Guardian app allows students to create safety profiles that streamline communication with University Police as well as friends, family members and classmates. The app also features a safety timer (virtual escort), which can be used to alert police when a student has not arrived at his or her destination within a specific amount of time. The Blazer Guardian app includes a feature called ‘Send a Tip’, which allows students to send personal or anonymous text messages and photo messages to the UPD if they are in danger or see someone else in danger, but are unable to call and report the incident. The app also includes a panic button which immediately provides police with the student’s profile and location information once the panic button is pressed or the safety timer expires. 

Blazer Guardian is available at

Blazer Guardian is powered by Rave Mobile Safety, which also powers the university’s campus alert system. If you have any question regarding this app please contact (229) 333-7816.

Crime Prevention Reminder:

University Police would like to remind you that when you park your car, please lock your car and take all valuables with you.  If you see something suspicious, do not hesitate to contact the University Police at 229-259-5555.

Please be aware of these safety tips:

  • When you park your car, please lock your car and take your valuables with you.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • At night, walk in well lit areas and with a friend if possible.
  • Program the VSU Police emergency number (229) 259-5555 and 911 in your phone and assign them to speed dial.
  • Remember to utilize the VSU Police escort service (229) 333-7816.
  • Inform the VSU Police of any suspicious activity immediately.

House Bill 280 Campus Carry:

The University System of Georgia has issued guidance on the "campus carry" legislation that encompasses all University System of Georgia colleges and universities.  The guidance can be found here  

Mission Statement

The mission of the Valdosta State University Police Department is to preserve a safe and secure campus environment where diverse social, cultural, and academic values are allowed to develop and prosper through a combination of reactive, proactive, and educational law enforcement services.