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The Blazer Guardian app allows students to create safety profiles that streamline communication with University Police as well as friends, family members, and classmates. The app also features a safety timer (virtual escort), which can be used to alert police when a student has not arrived at his or her destination within a specific amount of time. The Blazer Guardian app includes a feature called ‘Send a Tip’, which allows students to send personal or anonymous text messages and photo messages to the UPD if they are in danger or see someone else in danger, but are unable to call and report the incident. The app also includes a panic button that immediately provides police with the student’s profile and location information once the panic button is pressed or the safety timer expires.

Guardian app icon Blazer Guardian is powered by Rave Mobile Safety, which also powers the university’s campus alert system. If you have any questions regarding this app please contact (229) 333-7816.


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