Seminars and Briefings


Valdosta State University Police Department has established an escort program at Valdosta State University. This program provides additional protection to all VSU Associates (faculty, staff, students, and visitors) while walking around campus. It is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our police officers are prepared to provide a walking escort to any member of the VSU community to any location on campus upon request. If you wish to utilize the service, simply dial (229) 333-7816. Once requested, a University Police Officer will meet you at a predetermined location and escort you to your destination.

This program deals with security and prevention measures in the residence halls, apartments and in public. The topics discussed can vary according to the requester's wishes. Typical subjects could range from book and bicycle theft to reporting a suspicious person. Other common subjects are jurisdictional boundaries and campus escorts.

Operation Identification was developed to discourage theft and assist in the recovery of stolen property. The University Police encourage the campus community to mark personal property and keep a record of the property in case it is stolen. Engraving your valuables acts as a deterrent to theft because stolen items bearing etched identification numbers are more difficult to sell and easily recovered making prosecution more likely. Engraving tools can be checked out by contacting the Crime Prevention Unit at (229) 333-6024  and making an appointment. You can also mark your valuables with invisible ink from an InvisiMark Pen that the Crime Prevention Unit has. A UV light reveals the identifying marks. A copy of the personal property form can be viewed on the Crime Prevention Web page and printed off.

Interested individuals and groups can arrange for a personal safety and security program presented by a trained crime prevention officer. The program focuses its attention on "crimes against persons" such as rape, simple assault, robbery, and harassing phone calls. Information is presented on how to reduce the possibility of being a victim.

The Crime Prevention Unit will provide a trained officer to visit your group or organization and discuss the ramifications of alcohol and drug usage on university property as well as in the state of Georgia. The alcohol presentation centers around the physiological effects on the body and the problems incurred. The drug presentation focuses on the date rape drugs, marijuana and their effects and consequences.

This is an interactive program with information presented regarding generalized safety information for prevention of assault, information regarding steps a victim could take following an assault or attempted assault, and resources available to our community.

This program affords the new students on campus an opportunity to ask questions and learn about some of the programs and services that the University Police Department provides. Discussions range from theft and sexual assault prevention to DUI and Underage Possession of Alcohol laws.

The shoplifting seminar is conducted by a qualified crime prevention professional. It is designed for any department on campus that may be vulnerable to shoplifting The program covers the latest Georgia shoplifting laws, prevention techniques, identifying shoplifters and what to do if you suspect someone has shoplifted. A simulated "shoplifting" prior to the seminar can be conducted upon request.

This program is designed for departments that handle cash and are vulnerable to robbery. The program includes crime prevention information and procedures to follow during and after a robbery. Emphasis, as always, is placed on employee safety. A simulated robbery can be conducted upon request.

This is a workshop developed to accommodate all personnel that handle money. Money handlers and tellers are taught to detect counterfeit money by being familiar with all aspects of the currency. Special emphasis is placed on the features of the new currency such as: micro printing, watermarks, color shifting and the security thread. Detection devices such as ultraviolet light and detector pens are also discussed.

This program deals with telemarketing, Internet, mail and personal frauds and scams. A qualified crime prevention professional will discuss classic cons, such as international calls, magazine scams, home repair scams and, of course, the bank examiner scam. The program continues with why scams work, tips on how to avoid scams and what to do if scammed.

This program provides newly assigned employees an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the services and programs provided by the University Police. Topics covered are informative and diverse in nature. They range from hours of operation, to building security surveys and self defense classes. The class usually takes approximately 10-15 minutes.