Request for Event Security

The VSU Police Department provides fee-based security services to sponsoring departments on an as-needed/as-available basis. This request can be made by any sponsor easily via this request page. Fill out the form below to submit your request.
  • Police officer availability is dependent on a variety of factors. Although the VSU Police Department will most likely be able to meet the needs outlined in a request, making a request for police officer(s) does not guarantee an officer will be provided. If the VSU Police Department is unable to provide the requested number of officers, notification will be made to the requestor no later than one business day after receipt of the request.

    Requests must be made at least ten (10) business days prior to the event. Requests made with less than ten business days' notice will result in a $100 surcharge to be included on the invoice. A cancellation fee of $150 will be invoiced for any cancellation that is made with less than 48 hours from the event.

    Once the request is received with personnel resources available to meet the requestor’s needs, appropriate arrangements will be made by the Chief's office to ensure that each officer is properly equipped and informed of his/her duties and responsibilities as related to the event.

    It is understood that the officer(s) working the event are employees of the VSU Police Department and remain under the police department’s supervision and control. Any questions leading up to the event should be directed to the Deputy Chief of Police at (229) 333-7816. Questions during the event should be directed to the highest-ranking officer working the event.

    After the event, actual hours to be compensated will be confirmed by the VSU Police Department and an invoice will be sent to the requestor. If the request originates from a department or unit of the Valdosta State University, the department or unit will be directly charged for the service.

    Compensation for each officer will be paid by the requestor at the rate of $40.00 per officer per hour or $45.00 per officer per hour if a police vehicle is requested or deemed necessary by the Valdosta State University Police Department in carrying out the service.

    Each officer working the event will be compensated for a minimum of four (4) hours. However, if hours more than four (4) are worked then compensation will be for the actual time worked.
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