Valdosta State Policy Library 

Under Compliance Area, then Health and Public Safety


Automated External Defibrillator Use Policy

Use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) will be in compliance with the responsibilities and procedures outlined in this policy and consistent with appropriate regulations and American Red Cross and/or American Heart Association guidelines. AEDs must be approved by the Oversight Committee prior to purchase and must be obtained through the University Purchasing office. The policy applies to all AED units on campus, whether obtained by individual departments or by the University. See PDF above for more information on this policy.

Corrective Action Policy

Environmental & Occupational Safety has been charged with inspecting all areas on campus to ensure compliance with Federal, State and local regulations and codes, generally accepted safety standards, and Valdosta State University’s safety policies. If a violation is identified, Environmental & Occupational Safety will notify the responsible party (a department head, dean or director) of the finding. The department head, dean or director is then expected to take corrective action. This policy describes the procedure used for initial notification and subsequent follow-up to ensure that all violations are corrected in a timely manner. See PDF above for more information on this policy.

Environmental Management System

Valdosta State University believes that managing our environmental resources merits the highest priority in the conduct of all University operations. In this context, and keeping with the Valdosta State University spirit of shared governance, leadership and innovation, the University has made a commitment to an environmental management program for the benefit of current and future generations. Valdosta State University will conduct its operations and construct its facilities in a manner to protect the environment, promote stewardship, conserve resources, and minimize waste. In keeping with this policy, Valdosta State University will take specific account of environmental consequences in the design and location of its facilities and the conduct of all activities including teaching, research, and other incidental services. Moreover, Valdosta State University will exhibit leadership by being proactive and innovative when implementing environmental management decisions.

Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle Policy

This policy provides guidelines for the use of electric or gas-powered golf carts and or similar utility type vehicles on the campus of Valdosta State University. The intent is to establish proper safety procedures and practices, as well as to promote and provide for a safer environment for students, faculty, and staff. See PDF above for more information on this policy.

Hazard Communication

This written Hazard Communication Plan is established for Valdosta State University in order to comply with the Georgia Public Employees Hazardous Chemical Protection and Right To Know Act of 1988 as amended, and Georgia Department of Labor Chapter 300-3-19 Public Employee Hazardous Chemical Protection and Right To Know Rules. This Plan is maintained by Environmental and Occupational Safety and is available to all employees, the Right-to-Know Coordinator for the University System of Georgia, and the Georgia Department of Labor. See PDF above for more information on this policy.

Hazardous Materials Shipping and Transportation

It is the policy of Valdosta State University to ship and transport hazardous materials (sometimes referred to as “dangerous goods”) safely and in compliance with the rules and regulations of the US Department of Transportation (US DOT), the International Air Transportation Association (IATA), and other regulatory agencies. Only properly trained University employees or students are allowed to ship or transport hazardous materials. Students are authorized to ship or transport hazardous materials only with proper training, and only with the knowledge and approval of a University employee supervisor (such as a Principal Investigator or office manager) who has successfully completed Hazardous Materials Transportation awareness level training or higher.

Tobacco Use

It is the policy of Valdosta State University to promote a tobacco free environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Therefore, smoking and other forms of tobacco use are prohibited.