Spring 2022 Commencement

Let's get ready to Graduate!
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We are excited to tell you that our Spring 2022 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony Saturday, May 7th at 7:00pm will remain on the iconic Front Lawn.

The severe weather threat has dimished, allowing the ceremony to go on as planned. There is still a very slight chance of rain, so we want to remind you that umbrellas are not allowed to ensure everyone can see the ceremony. Ponchos are permitted. 

Guest tickets are not needed and there is no limit on the number of guests. 

We are excited to celebrate with our graduates and guests!

Live Stream 

Both the Graduate School Ceremony and Undergraduate Ceremony will be streamed live on our YouTube page. Here is the link: www.youtube.com/valdostastateuniv

Ceremony Information

The Graduate School Spring Commencement - 5:00pm
Friday, May 6, 2022
The Complex
401 Baytree Road

Doors open - Guests Arrive

Graduates Check-in on the Upstairs Mezzanine

Ceremony with Pyrotechnics following

Undergraduate Spring Commencement 7:00pm
Saturday, May 7, 2022
Front Lawn
1500 N. Patterson Street

Guests Arrive

Graduates Check-in at Pedestrian Walkway

Ceremony with fireworks following

**There are no tickets required for either Commencement ceremony, and there is no limit on the number of guests a graduate can bring. The only exception to this is if the Undergraduate Ceremony is moved inside The Complex due to weather. 

***VSU encourages masks based on preference and assessment of personal risk.

Front Lawn

May 2022 Undergraduate Spring Commencement Map

Graduate Check-In & Line Up
After graduates check-in at Pedestrian Mall, proceed to designated areas:

College of the Arts - Nevins 1105

College of Humanities and Social Sciences - Ashley Hall Rotunda

College of Science and Mathematics - Nevins 1061

College of Education and Human Services - Bailey 1011

College of Business - Bailey 1023

College of Nursing and Health Sciences - Bailey 1024

Once checked in, graduates report to your designated Line-Up area, you will then line up to get ready for the processional route. Gradates in Nevins and Ashley Hall will proceed around Nevins side of the Front Lawn; gradates in Bailey Science Center will proceed around Bailey side of Front Lawn.

Shuttle Drop Off
The shuttles will run constantly from the Oak Street Parking Deck and Lot to the Front Lawn. The shuttle drop off for COA, COSM, and COHSS is located just off the Front Lawn by the campus main entrance. The shuttle drop off COEHS, LCOBA, CONHS drop off is at the Powell Hall loop.

Guest and Accessibility Drop Off
Those dropping off graduates or guests needing accessibility seating will do that by Powell Hall, as well as the Front Lawn main entrance. You can get to Powell Hall from Georgia Avenue, which is the street on the immediate north end of main campus. Once dropped off, graduates should report to the check-in tent on Pedestrian Mall (see above information) and those needing accessibility seating should follow the signs to the Front Lawn. 

Those needing concessions can get those items at the stands located on either side of the Front Lawn.

Guest Seating
Seating for guests of graduates will be in white chairs set up across the Front Lawn. Reservations are not taken for seats and they are available on a first come first served basis.

Suggested Seating Areas:

COA, COSM, COHSS - south side of the Front Lawn (left side if facing stage/West Hall)

COEHS, LCOBA, CONHS - north side of the Front Lawn (right side if facing stage/West Hall)

Faculty and Graduates Seating
Graduates and faculty will be seated on the Front Lawn in black chairs, in front of the stage, and in the clear view of their guests.

Guest Indoor Viewing
Those needing to view the ceremony indoors can do so in Converse Hall, which is directly behind Nevins Hall. Please enter from the pedestrian walkway. Signs will be set up directing guests to the viewing area. 

Portable public restrooms are located in all 4 corners of the Front Lawn. 

Ambulance/First Aid
Anyone needing first aid or ambulance care can get it in the Reserved Parking Lot in front of Nevins Hall.

Accessibility Guest Seating
Guests dropped off for Accessiblity Seating, will need to follow the signs to the Front Lawn from either drop off location. Accessibility seating is located on both sides of the front lawn in white chairs outside of the graduate seating area. Please see information above for graduate seating to see which side of the Front Lawn your graduate will be seated on. Seating will be folding chairs.

The Complex (The Graduate School Ceremony)

May 2022 Graduate School Commencement Map


**All graduates must check-in to be able to participate in the ceremony**

Graduate Check-In 
All graduates will enter at the Southeast entrance to The Complex by the tennis courts. Check-in will be on the East end of the Mezzanine, which is upstairs. After check-in, graduates will need to head to their designated degree table. 

Designated Degree Table Locations
College of Nursing and Health Sciences - South end of Complex
College of the Arts - South end of Complex
College of Business Administration - South end of Complex
College of Humanities and Social Sciences - South end of Complex
College of Science and Mathematics - South end of Complex
College of Education and Human Services Masters table (MED) - South end of Complex
College of Education and Human Services Masters table (MLIS, MSW, MFT, MAT) - North end of Complex
College of Education and Human Services Specialists table - North end of Complex
Doctoral table - College of Humanities and Social Sciences and College of Education and Human Services - North end of Complex

Accessibility Drop Off and Entrance
Please arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the ceremony.  Those needing accessible drop off, parking, and seating can park and drop off in the Sustella parking lot on the West side of the Complex. This entrance is off Sustella Avenue. Those being dropped off will follow the signs and enter the Complex on that West side as well. Please note, the person needing the accessible seating can have one person sit with them. The rest of the group will be asked to sit separately to ensure there is enough accessible seating for all.

Restrooms are located around the Complex on both the first and second floors. 

If you have questions about either ceremony, you can reach out to commencement@valdosta.edu for more information.