Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Fall Commencement not taking place on the Front Lawn like in years past? 
A: Commencement on the historic Front Lawn has quickly become a cherished VSU tradition. We too are very disappointed that Fall 2020 Commencement will not take place on the Front Lawn. The reason that we cannot host Commencement on the Front Lawn is that it does not provide the physical room necessary for social distancing, a requirement of Governor Kemp’s most recent Executive Order. Bazemore-Hyder Stadium is the best venue that allows VSU to host an in-person ceremony with graduates’ families in attendance while complying with the Governor’s Executive Order.

Q: Why is Fall Commencement taking place on Monday, December 14, and not on Saturday, December 12 as originally planned? 
A: Because Bazemore-Hyder Stadium is the only venue that allows VSU to host an in-person Commencement while complying with the social distancing requirements of Governor Kemp’s most recent Executive Order. Even though Bazemore-Hyder Stadium is the football home of the VSU Blazers, Valdosta State University does not own the stadium. Because the Valdosta City Schools owns the stadium and because of the likelihood of the Valdosta High School football team potentially hosting a football playoff game in the stadium the same weekend as the original date for Commencement, the date of the ceremony is now Monday, December 14. We recognize that this is not the ideal date, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected many events and this date was the best option for an in-person ceremony.

Q: How and when do I apply for graduation?
A: Fall graduates can apply by clicking this link to the Registrar’s page.

A: Spring and Summer graduates, be sure to check your email the first week of November for information on how to participate in Commencement. There's no need to apply for graduation since you already graduated!

Q: Why do I need to apply?
A: Applying for graduation is required in order to participate in the commencement ceremony and to receive your degree once requirements have been met. The Registrar’s Office evaluates all credits completed to ensure that all requirements have been met for your degree program. 

Q: How much is the graduation application fee?
A: $25 

Q: What form of payment do you accept for the application fee?
A: Credit and debit card online or you can pay with cash or check in the Bursary. 

Q: Do you have to pay the application fee when you submit the application?
A: No, but it is highly recommended to avoid delays in receiving your degree. Your diploma will not be mailed until fee payment is made. 

Q: Where do I go to buy a cap and gown and what is the deadline for that?
A: You can order your cap and gown at the VSU Bookstore during normal business hours. There will also be an online option as well, and that information will be available as soon as possible. The deadline to order your cap and gown is Mid-November. 

Q: Will I receive my diploma at the ceremony?
A: No, you will receive your diploma cover. Your diploma will be mailed to you in a few weeks.

Q: Will my major be reflected on my diploma?
A: Yes, degree and major where applicable.

Q: What do I wear?
A: Dark pants, skirts, shoes, and tie are preferred. Flip flops and tennis shoes are not appropriate graduation attire. Because of the grass/field, please do not wear high heels to the commencement ceremony. 

Q: Am I required to wear a mask?
A: Yes, all graduates, guests, and ceremony workers are required to wear a mask.

Q: Do I have need to have tickets for my family and friends? 
A: Yes, tickets are required to attend 2020 Fall Commencement. You can reserve as many as 5 tickets. After you apply for graduation, you will receive an email in early November about how to reserve those tickets.

Q: How many people can I bring to graduation?
A: Due to the pandemic and social distancing restrictions, there is a limit of 5 guests per graduate.  

Q. Are tickets required for children?
A. Children under the age of two who can sit on a parent's lap for the ceremony do not need a ticket.

Q: Where is my child going to be seated?
A: We, unfortunately, have no way of knowing where your child will be sitting. Graduates are not seated in alphabetical order.  To avoid confusion, we suggest you decide on a meeting place for you and your graduate after the ceremony.

Q: Will every student walk across the stage?
A: Yes, every student will walk across the stage and be recognized at all of our ceremonies.

Q: How long will the ceremony last?
A: The Graduate School and Undergraduate ceremonies will last approximately one hour. 

Q: Is there security at the ceremony?
A: Yes, both University Police and Security Personnel will be located at each ceremony.

Q: Is there ambulance service at the ceremonies?
A: Yes, ambulance service with emergency personnel will be located at each ceremony.

Q: For the guests who could not be here, is there a way for them to view the ceremony?
A: Friends and family members who could not attend are encouraged to view the ceremonies online via our live webcast the day of the ceremony. We will also actively post to social media using #VStateGrad, including behinds the scenes live video via Periscope and Snapchat (@ValdostaState). 

Q: How do I get any other commencement-related questions answered?
A: You can email