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Metered Parking Available - Fall 2020

At the request of SGA, Parking & Transportation is excited to announce that 4 metered parking areas will be available on campus beginning Monday August 17, 2020: Langdale lot, Baytree lot, Café lot, and the Union lot. Parkmobile signs will be placed at each location for app downloading purposes. The charge is $0.25 per 15 minutes (or $1 per hour) with a 3 hour limit per day per lot. Metered spaces will be monitored from 7:00 a.m - 5:30 p.m Monday - Thursday and 7:00 a.m - 3:00 p.m on Friday (weekends are open campus parking). A VSU permit is not required to park and pay in the metered spaces, but is still required for other campus parking. Vehicles must park in the zone that was paid for.


Please review video presentation and flyer: https://vimeo.com/showcase/5726214/video/280775742

  • Spring 2021 parking permits will be available for purchase beginning January 1, 2021.  


  • New web site to track shuttle buses:www.wherestheblaze.com* Be sure to download the DoubleMap application from the App Store to track VSU Shuttle Buses! Wi-Fi also available on all shuttle buses!
  • Shuttle Guide (Only 13 passengers can ride at a time)
  • Blazer Safe Ride (This service is only operational during spring and fall semester. Only 4 riders at a time.)

Parking Information

Attention Students

  • Resident Student Parking will be available in student spaces in the following lots overnight: Oak Street Parking Deck levels 2-5 only (no overnight parking in Oak Street surface lot), Sustella Avenue surface parking lot (unmarked student spaces), Sustella Avenue Parking Deck (all levels), and Centennial Parking Lot (unmarked student spaces).
  • Attention VSU Community (HSBA Parking at North Campus): VSU students with a valid parking permit are permitted to park at the Billy Grant baseball field lot, unmarked student spaces behind Pound Hall, Ashley Cinema Movie Theater parking lot, and the 5th (top level only) and adjacent ramp of the SGMC parking deck. Please use the SGMC deck entrance on Cowart Street to access the deck.

Attention Employees

  • Employee Parking in the Oak Street Parking Deck will be limited to the 5th level only beginning Fall 2019.  The remainder of the deck will be designated for overnight student parking, since student mandatory fees fund the deck.  Additional employee spaces have been added in the Oak St. surface parking lot.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a great academic year!

Parking Permit Information

  • Parking Permit Placement - The static cling parking permit must be affixed to the vehicle front windshield face-up, lower driver side, inside of the vehicle.
  • Student parking permits are $50.00 (fall) $25.00 (spring) and $15.00 (summer).
  • Faculty/Administration parking permits - $95.00 (when purchased in the fall), $75 (when purchased in the spring) and $65.00 (when purchased in the summer).
  • Staff parking permits - $55.00 (when purchased in the fall), $45.00 (when purchased in the spring) and $35.00 (when purchased in the summer).
  • Semester parking permits must be purchased inside of the Parking & Transportation office with cash, check, money order or flex. Prices are as follows: Faculty/Administration -$60.00, Staff - $35.00, Student - $30.00 (fall) & $20.00 (spring).
  • Payment methods: We accept cash, check (no starter checks) and money orders inside of the main office. Credit card payments ( Master Card, Discover or Visa) must be made via the web portal only. Coined monies must be rolled by customer (with full name and ID number listed on each roll); rollers can be provided by the department. Flex payments must be made in the office (have to physically swipe your card).
  • University Bursary also accepts parking citation payments - cash, check or money orders inside of the Bursary.
  • On Line Payments will be processed Monday-Thursday 8:00am-5:30pm and Friday 8:00am-3:00pm. Payroll deduction for parking permits are available for Full-Time employees only (accepted during the fall and spring semesters only). We will inter-campus your permit to you once we process your application. Payroll Deduction is not available for parking citations, permits only. Please note that employees must have a ZERO balance before they can obtain a new parking permit. All part-time VSU employees MUST go by Human Resources first to obtain an authorization form before a permit can be issued. Students purchasing parking permits on line can select for the permit to be mailed to a physical address or for the permit to be held inside of the parking office for pick-up. Permits are mailed through the campus mailing services department. Temporary parking permits can be obtained in the parking office during the mailing process of the static cling permit if needed to avoid receiving parking citations for no permit or expired permit.
  • Banner holds are generated each day for all outstanding parking citations. Failure to pay citations in full will result in the blocking of transcripts and registration processes.

Interested in finding out what the parking situation at VSU is? This Parking Study shows some interesting parking statistics for Valdosta State University.