Fall 2024 virtual parking permits will be available for purchase beginning July 1, 2024 (your vehicle tag will be your permit, a number will be assigned to you – no physical permits will be issued – vehicles are no longer allowed to back in or pull through parking spaces). Drivers must notify the Parking office with new vehicle information and updated tags. This information can be updated through the parking web portal or by emailing parking@valdosta.edu.



In an effort to more efficiently utilize our License Plate Recognition (LPR) system, physical parking citations will no longer be placed on vehicles of registered customers. Beginning June 1, 2022, all registered customers and vehicles will receive email notifications ONLY if a parking citation is issued. However, physical parking citations will continue to be placed on vehicles that are not registered in the parking system.  Also, University Police will continue to issue physical parking citations accordingly.

Customers are allowed to register up to three vehicles with one virtual permit; however, only one vehicle can be on campus.  If more than one vehicle is on campus at the same time, a citation will be issued for shared permit. Violators will be cited within two hours of scanning the first vehicle. Customers can add a vehicle to their account through the parking customer portal.  They can also link the vehicle to their permit; however, customers will need to email parking@valdosta.edu if a vehicle need to be removed from their permit.  An end relationship date can also be placed on the customer’s account by Parking.

If you have any questions, please contact the Parking Department 229-293-7275.  Thank you