All VSU parking regulations apply to everyone (employees, students, and visitors) who are properly and legally registered with the Department of Parking & Transportation and the University. Customers are responsible for knowing the parking rules and regulations prior to parking on campus. Parking regulations are strictly enforced 24-hours a day, each day throughout the entire academic year.


  • Citations can be issued by Parking & Transportation as well as University Police to illegally parked vehicles (24-hours each day). Vehicles that are unidentified (meaning they have no VSU permit, vehicle tag number, or vehicle identification number) are subject to be towed at any time at the owner’s expense.
  • All motor vehicles must purchase a current virtual parking permit to park on campus during regular business hours (Monday-Friday) and during open parking hours. Any non-registered or unidentified vehicle with 5 or more unpaid parking citations for no permit will be removed from campus at the owner's expense.
  • Any registered vehicle with 10 or more unpaid parking citations will be removed from campus at the owner's expense, even if parked correctly.
  • Vehicles that are illegally parked, sitting while waiting or occupying a space, can be cited every 2 hours for the same offense. Vehicles can also be cited within 2 hours in the same area if the car is moved to another space.

Electric Vehicles

Valdosta State University provides charging stations for electric vehicles. Individuals parking in those spaces must have a valid virtual parking permit. After charging, vehicles will need to move to their designated parking spaces to allow other vehicles to charge.

Loading Docks 

Areas designated as loading docks, loading areas and/or disabled ramps will not be obstructed by motor vehicles.

Parking Spaces 

  • Vehicles must be parked in spaces authorized for the respective individual. The responsibility for locating an authorized parking space rests with the operator of the vehicle. Lack of a parking space or no posted signage will not be considered an excuse for violating any parking regulations. Permitted parking areas are listed on the parking guide and maps that is issued to each permit owner. Also, rules and regulations are listed on the parking web site. 
  • Parking on lawns, landscaped areas, sidewalks, curbs, end caps, or other areas not specifically designated by signs or curb markings as parking areas is a violation and the vehicle will be towed or cited accordingly. The absence of a "NO PARKING" sign does not denote parking is permitted. All curbs are considered to be Fire Lanes and vehicles are not permitted to park in those areas.
  • Visitor spaces are provided for persons not affiliated with the University. Faculty, staff, and students may not utilize visitor spaces until open parking begins at 5:30 p.m. Visitors are subject to the same rules and regulations as the campus community. Campus members are responsible for the actions of their visitors and should advise them in which areas they are allowed to park in. Visitors must properly register a current virtual parking permit to park on campus during regular business hours (Monday-Friday) and also during open parking hours. Weekend Parking (Friday after 3:00pm, Saturday and Sunday - No Permit Required). Individuals are allowed to park in any available Visitor, Reserved, Staff, Student, or Timed (for more than the allotted time during open parking & weekend parking only; must park for posted time limit during normal business hours) space on VSU campus. If a visitor receives a parking citation for no virtual parking permit, they should immediately notify the Parking & Transportation Department for instructions. The department will decide if the citation(s) can be cleared as a guest or if the ticket(s) should proceed with an appeal (decision based on the customer's account and citation violation). Visitor vehicles are subject to be towed from VSU campus at the owner's expense if 5 or more unpaid/unidentified citations are issued. Visitors are responsible for registering their vehicle with the Parking & Transportation Department.
  • All motor vehicles will be parked on campus in such a manner as not to impede vehicle and/or pedestrian traffic or in a manner which creates a hazard (must be parked within 1 outlined parking space). Any vehicle parked in the parking decks, or in any parking lot, which exceeds the length of the space where the lines that outline the space ends and interferes with the 2-way flow of traffic may be cited for impeding traffic/blocking road. Also, vehicles parked in the parking decks that overhang the line that is painted on the ground and posted on a sign may be cited. Deck Parking Example  Students with an oversized vehicle that lives on campus (with a valid resident permit) can park overnight in the P.E. Complex lot (in addition to the other assigned overnight surface areas). Students will need to obtain a special "oversized vehicle" pass from the Department of Parking & Transportation.

Service Vehicles 

Parking spaces designated for Service Vehicles are for use by VSU authorized vehicles and/or construction vehicles. Any other type of vehicle parked in a service vehicle space without the proper permit will be towed or issued a citation.

Speed Limit

No motor vehicle may exceed the speed limit of 15 MPH on campus. 

Timed Parking 

  • Vehicles parked in spaces designated as Timed Parking cannot exceed the posted time limit. Citations are issued according to the chalked time Parking Patrollers marks vehicle and the actual time the citation was issued (Patroller comments that chalk is still on tire).
  • Vehicles cannot be moved from one timed parking space to another to circumvent the time restrictions.
  • Curbs and areas not outlined as a regular parking space are designated as no parking zones and citations will be issued accordingly.No vehicles are allowed to park on curbs or areas designated as Fire Lanes - unless instructed and monitored by University Police or Parking & Transportation. (Lack of curb marking or signs does not designate these areas as parking areas, fire lane and impeding traffic citations will be issued accordingly). A vehicle is eligible to be cited if any part of the vehicle is located on the yellow or red markings. Additionally, blue markings indicate accessible parking and routes for individuals with disabilities. Accessible parking is limited to individuals who meet eligibility by displaying a disabled virtual parking permit or decal. Accessible routes are outlined using blue lines. Vehicles are prohibited from blocking accessible routes. If a pickup or drop off area is located on a fire lane, that individual must be visible when entering or exiting the vehicle (cites will be issued for vehicles parking and waiting).
  • Any motor vehicle operated on the VSU campus must yield to the directions of any Public Safety Officer, Parking & Transportation representative, or designee when directing traffic.

Recreational Vehicle

Recreational vehicles, motor homes, campers, etc., are not authorized to utilize more than one parking space on campus and may not be used as living or sleeping quarters while parked on campus (without the expressed permission of the Parking & Transportation Department).