IT Frequently Asked Questions

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security method implemented to protect Valdosta State's online accounts and resources. To keep VSU's information secure from compromise and misuse, 2FA is a mandatory account requirement for:

    • Students
    • Alumni
    • Employees
    • Retirees

Upon 2FA enrollment, you'll be prompted to begin initial setup when you log into MyVSU. During this time, you'll be able to specify your 2FA preferences and security questions. There are 3 different authentication methods available to choose from:

    1. Microsoft Authenticator App
    2. Text Message
    3. Phone Call

Your security questions will be available as a back-up authentication option, in case you are unable to authenticate via app, text, or call. Updates can be made through your 2FA Management Portal- which requires authentication to access.

You can view the Setup and Use Guide for step-by-step instructions on setting up and managing 2FA. For additional assistance, contact the Solutions Center at (229) 245 - 4357.

VSU Applicants and Students

Can look up their unique campus identification number with the VSU ID Lookup Tool by providing:
  - First Name
  - Last Name
  - Date of Birth
  - Last 4 Social Security Number (SSN) Digits

VSU Employees, Alumni, and Retirees

Contact Human Resources or the One Card Office

For additional information or assistance, contact the Solutions Center at (229) 245 - 4357

VSU students and employees can learn their VSU username or email by contacting the Solutions Center at (229) 245 - 4357 and verifying:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Date of Birth
    • VSU ID Number

Most account access and password issues can be resolved with a password reset. The process for resetting your password depends on your role.

VSU Students and Employees

    1. Navigate to
    2. Select "I Don't Know My Password"
    3. Enter the appropriate information
    4. Click the red "Reset" button
    5. Enter and re-enter your new password
    6. Click the grey "Reset Password" button

International VSU Students

GoVIEW Students

    1. Visit GoVIEW Forgot Password
    2. Enter your username_vsu in the "Username*" field
    3. Click "Submit"
    4. A GoVIEW password reset email will be sent to your MyVSU email address, though it may be routed to your junk/spam/clutter folder

IT Tip: Check out Choosing a Good Password for expert recommendations on selecting a secure password.

The following VSU accounts are available in your MyVSU Portal:

To access these accounts:

    1. Log into MyVSU using your VSU email address and password
    2. Under the “Portals” section, select “View All”
    3. Choose the account you would like to access

The following VSU accounts are not available in your MyVSU Portal:

If you need assistance accessing your MyVSU account, use the Self-Service Password Management Tool or contact the Solutions Center at (229) 245 - 4357.

VSU students, employees and visitors have the option to connect to the campus network with their personal devices. The instructions for connecting to the network depend on your role and device.

For additional assistance, or to report an issue, contact the Solutions Center at (229) 245 - 4357.

New Users: If you have never logged into a computer on campus before, please refer to the Creating Computer Login Guide for instructions on first time setup.

Existing Users: You should be able to log into campus computers using your MyVSU username (without and password.

For more information, visit the Active Directory (AD) Webpage or contact the Solutions Center at (229) 245 - 4357.

VSU has multifunction card-swipe printers all over campus available for students and employees. These printers allow members of the VSU community to:

You can visit Card-Swipe Printing Wepage for more information. To report an issue or receive additional assistance, contact the Solutions Center at (229) 245 - 4357.

VSU students and employees can install the latest Microsoft Office Suite on up to five (5) personal computers; and Office Mobile apps on up to five (5) devices for free. You can find instructions for getting Microsoft Office on your personal devices at Microsoft Education.

NOTICE: Beginning the week of October 25, 2020, current and future alumni and retirees will no longer have access to Microsoft Office 365 desktop applications that can be installed on personal devices. Continued access to Office 365 Email, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Office Online web applications will remain.

For additional assistance, bring your device(s) to the Helpdesk located on the 2nd floor of Odum Library or contact the Solutions Center at (229) 245 - 4357.

Your browser cache is a collection of webpages, including text, images, and other media, that is stored on your device. Although cache makes your browsing experience more efficient, clearing it regularly prevents web-based services from experiencing browser or cache-related issues. Select your browser for step-by-step instructions on how to clear its cache:

You can visit Browser Cache Webpage contact the Solutions Center at (229) 245 - 4357 for more information.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones use the internet, instead of telephone network, to transmit voice communication. If you need a PIN reset for your VoIP phone or voicemail, you can put in a service request for Voicemail Reset Pin through our Technology Services Portal. You can review our VoIP FAQs, visit the Telecommunications Webpage, or contact the Solutions Center at (229) 245 - 4357 for more information.

Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) is a system that allows VSU employees to access and control their office computers off-campus for work-at-home purposes.

To apply for RDC: Print and complete the RDC Access Request Form. After filling out the form, scan and email the physically signed form to If you are approved, you will be notified and an IT technician will configure your office computer. If you are denied, you will receive an email from IT explaining why.
After you are approved, refer to the configuration guide associated with your device for set up instructions:
You can visit the Remote Desktop Connection Webpage or contact the Solutions Center at (229) 245 - 4357 for additional information.

If you are a Valdosta State employee and want to install or upgrade Microsoft Office on VSU-owned technology, such as campus lab and office computers, you can submit a Software Installation Request through our Technology Services Portal  or contact our Solutions Center at (229) 245 - 4357 for additional assistance.

The definition of personally identifiable information (PII) varies among states. For the state of Georgia, in accordance with OCGA 10-1-911, PII includes:

    • VSU ID Numbers
    • Social Security Number
    • Driver’s License Numbers
    • State Identification Card Numbers
    • Picture IDs
    • Account Numbers
    • Credit/Debit Card Numbers

For tips on security best practices related to PII, check out:

Visit the Information Security Webpage or contact the Solutions Center at (229) 245 - 4357 for more information.

You can place an IT work order by:

    • Navigating to
    • Log in using your VSU credentials
    • Click on the middle box that says "Service Catalog"
    • And searching for a Service Request that fits your problem! If none of the Service Requests you see fit's your category, then you can contact the Solutions Center at (229) 245 - HELP (4357)

Be prepared to provide information such as:

    • Your VSU username/email address
    • IT Number(s), if the ticket concerns campus technology
    • Building and Room number(s) for Office or Classroom issues
    • Other details related to the question or issue.

Contact the Solutions Center at (229) 245 - 4357 for more information.