User Awareness

Know More. Do Better.

Technology has made things easier and more efficient, but has also made us vulnerable to exploits. This applies at work, school and at home. Thus it is important that we know how to safeguard ourselves from exploits and recognize when something’s not right. From the links below, you’ll find information that will help you understand your role in protecting VSU’s network security, yourself and your family and friends: 

Choose a good password: Use these 10 simple tips to create a 'strong' password.

Is your current password a 'strong' password? Reset your VSU password using the tips you just learned.

Learn about phishing: Be aware of cybercriminals and their intent to steal money or sensitive information.

Forward an Email as an attachment: You may need to forward an email in order to preserve its originality, particularly in defense against phishing. 

SANS Institute | Common Security Terms |Awareness VideosOUCH! NewsletterSANS provides training and programs for cybersecurity awareness.

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