Remote Desktop

Available to VSU Employees only, Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) is a system that facilitates the ability to work at home by allowing users to control their office computers from their home or personal computers.

Benefits of Setting up a RDC:

  • Access any software, documents, or e-mails available on your office computer without having to copy files.

  • Access applications that can only be run from on-campus, such as Banner Forms.

  • Print to your office printer and network drives.

Apply for a Remote Desktop Connection

Information Security reviews all requests from VSU faculty and staff wishing to establish network connections originating from off campus. To apply for a Remote Desktop Connection, complete the RDC Request Form and submit in person to InfoSec located in Pine Hall, 2nd Floor. Note: Electronically signed RDC forms will not be accepted; a physical signature is required.

  • If you're approved, an IT technician will be dispatched to configure your office computer for RDC.

You will also receive:

  • Instructions for configuring RDC on your home or personal computer (PC | Mac).

  • An attachment containing the RDC software you will need to install on your home computer.

  • Settings you will need to enter on your home computer in order to connect to your office computer.

If you're denied, you will be sent an email explaining why your request was not approved.

All set up?

Once you are set up and ready to go, check out the Remote Desktop Connection User Guide.

For additional assistance, contact VSU Solutions Center.