Android - Remote Desktop Connection

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Configure your Android Mobile Device

Step 1: Install the Microsoft Remote Desktop App 

Download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App store on your Android mobile device > Open app. 

Microsoft Remote Desktop App icon 

Step 2: Add Connection 

Within the app, click the Plus (+) icon on the top-right corner > click Desktop from the drop-down menu to add the connection. 

 Adding a desktop.


Enter the following in the appropriate fields: 

  • PC name:  Your office computer IT tag (ex: 
    The tag# is affixed to the computer and was listed on the RDC request form you submitted. 

Click the Show Additional Options drop-down arrow on the bottom left > Click arrow to select Add user account. 

Show additional options...   Add User Account   Add User Account example. 

  • Username:  Your VSU email address (ex: 

  • Password: Password used to log in to your campus desktop computer 

Step 3: Configure Gateway Server Settings 

Click the Gateway drop-down arrow > Select Add Gateway 

In the Server name field, enter  

 Click the SAVE link. 

Add Gateway option.   Add 

Click the User account drop-down arrow, select the user account (ex. you created in Step 2. 

User Accounts

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Connect to your office computer

STEP 1: Make the connection

From the RDC App’s Home Screen, double-click the PC name you added.  
(ex. The connection will initiate. 

 Remote desktop computer display.  Connecting to... 

Step 2: Authenticate Login 

Step 3: Log in to your office computer

Enter your VSU username and password to log in to your desktop computer.

Note: Click the Yes button if you receive a dialog box stating that 'the identity of the remote computer cannot be verified due to a problem with the security certificate.' 

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Break connection

Step 1: Log Off

On your PC office computer, click the Start Menu icon/Power icon and select Log off.

On your Mac office computer, click the Apple icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.
Click Logout to view dialog box > click Log Out.

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Need more help?

Contact VSU Solutions Center for setup assistance.

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