How To Protect Your Personal Devices

Protection for one's personal devices is a great advantage and skill to have in our modern technological society. With technology becoming an important part of our every day lives, it is important that we stay vigilant in securing our most sensitive information as we go about our days. 

What can attackers do if they get access to your device?

  • Steal your personal identification information & commit identity theft
  • Purchase items with saved payment information
  • Change passwords to your online accounts
  • Access social media if password is saved 
  • Access your pictures, videos, & documents
  • Access your banking information

What can YOU do to secure your device?

  • Do not leave your devices unattended, unlocked, or opened. Do not leave your device in your car
  • Use strong, unique passwords. Do not use the same password for all accounts or devices
  • Enable automatic updates on your laptop & phone
  • Restart your laptop & phone at least once a week
  • Erase cookies
  • DO NOT save payment information for ANY websites 
  • Use updated anti-virus protection software
  • Enabled multi-factor authentification on accounts that are compatible