PC - Remote Desktop Connection

  • Only approved VSU faculty and staff have access to a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC).
  • You must have high-speed internet access.
  • Your office computer must be powered on.

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Configure your personal computer

STEP 1: Open RDC Program

Key Remote in the search bar at the bottom of the Start menu > Select Remote Desktop Connection from the Programs list.

STEP 2: Configure Logon Settings

Click the arrow next to Show Options button located in the lower left corner.

On the General tab, enter the following:

  • Computer: Your office computer VSU IT tag number (ex: IT99999). The tag# is affixed to the computer, and it was listed on the RDC request form you submitted.
  • User name: Your VSU email address (ex: jdoe@valdosta.edu)


STEP 3: Configure Gateway Server Settings

Click the Advanced tab.
Click the Settings button located at the bottom of the screen below the Connect from anywhere section.

Configure the connection with these settings:

  • Use these RD Gateway server settings: Check
  • Server name: Key rdgw.valdosta.edu
  • Logon method: Select Ask for password (NTLM)
  • Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses: Uncheck
  • Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer: Check

Click the OK button.


STEP 4: Save Settings

Click the General tab again > Click the Save As… button under the Connections Settings section.
Key a filename (ex: VSU Desktop Connection) > Save the connection to your Desktop.

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Connect to your office computer

STEP 1: Make the connection

Double-click the connection icon that you saved on your Desktop
Click the Connect button within the RDC program.

STEP 2: Authenticate Login

Respond to the two-factor authentication (2FA) request to approve the login. 
The request will use the default 2FA method you set up (phone call, text, or mobile app). 
Authenticate using Microsoft Authenticator App - The recommended method to quickly and securely verify your identity.

STEP 3: Log in to your office computer

Enter your VSU username and password to log in to your desktop computer.

Note: Click the Yes button if you receive a dialog box stating that 'the identity of the remote computer cannot be verified due to a problem with the security certificate.'

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Break connection

Step 1: Log Off

On your PC office computer, click the Start Menu icon/Power icon and select Log off.

On your Mac office computer, click the Apple icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.
Click Logout to view dialog box > click Log Out.

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Need more help?

Contact VSU Solutions Center for setup assistance.

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