VSU-Guests WiFi

VSU-Guests is the wireless network designed to be used by visitors of Valdosta State University, such as parents or vendors, and should not be used by students or employees. Visitors must create a guest account that is valid for 5 days. 

How to Connect to VSU-Guests WiFi

1. Choose VSU-Guests from your device network list.

2. Tap GUESTS: Create Account Here

Create Guest Account screenshot

3. Fill out required fields; Agree to the terms and conditions; tap Register.

You will receive a text message and an email from donotreply@valdosta.edu that will include your guest username and password.

4. Enter the provided Username and Password and tap Sign On.

5. Read and Accept the Use Policy; tap Continue to connect to VSU Guests wireless network.

 Need help? Call VSU Solutions Center at 229-245-4357.