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Valdosta State University offers several wireless networks to help you stay connected and productive. Connect to the 5GHz (fastest) or 2.4GHz (legacy) WiFi network for your compatible laptops/mobile devices and the registered network for your IoT (Internet of Things) devices. While on a VSU transient bus, connect to our 3rd-party network. Campus guests and those from participating institutions of the Eduroam project can connect to specialized, designated networks.

VSU-WiFi (5GHz-supported devices only) and VSU-LegacyWiFi (2.4GHz-supported devices) are secure and encrypted wireless networks geared for use on cell phones, laptops, and tablets by VSU students and employees.

How to Connect to VSU-WiFi or VSU-LegacyWiFi

  1. Select VSU-WiFi or VSU-LegacyWiFi from your device's wireless network list.

  2. Enter required information. Connect.
    Select VSU-WiFi

Androids & Chromebooks

Some Android phones and Chromebooks may require you to specify the following settings:

  • EAP Method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPV2
  • Domain/Suffix Domain:
  • Certificate: select Do not validate (This may be a necessary workaround due to an undisclosed device bug.)
    • The Do not validate setting may not appear by default on some newer Android phones. Instead, select Use System Certificates and a drop-down menu should appear below this one where you can choose Do not validate.
  • Identity: Enter your MyVSU Username (without the
  • Password: Enter your MyVSU Password
  • Anonymous Identity: Leave blank


Apple & Other Devices

Enter your MyVSU username only and password into the appropriate fields and Join the network. 
If prompted, choose to Trust the certificate

     Login with your MyVSU Account





Expired Password/Connection: If it has been more than 180 days since your last connection to VSU-WiFi/VSU-LegacyWiFi or if maintenance has occurred that prevents you from connecting, you may need to select the Forget Network function on your device to remove the invalid VSU-WiFi/LegacyWiFi connection and then complete the steps above to establish a new connection.

Need help? Call VSU Solutions Center at 229.245.4357 or submit a ticket at

VSU-IOT (campus-wide) and VSU-IOT-5G (VSU residence halls only) is the wireless network designed specifically for Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as gaming consoles, smart TVs, streaming devices, and more.

You must first register your IoT device before connecting to this network. (Limited to 5 devices)

Register Your IOT Device

  1. On a computer or device other than your IoT device, visit  
    Enter your MyVSU credentials; click Log In.  

  2. Click Register your device.
  3. Enter requested information and then click Register Device. 
  • Enter the IoT device MAC Address (also known as WiFi or physical address) separated by colons (example AA:BB:CC:11:22:33). Find Your MAC Address 
  • Enter a Device Name that you can easily recognize

Optional: To share access to your device with others, enter their MyVSU username. Use a comma to separate each user (ex. user1, user2, user3).

  • Currently this feature is not available campus wide, but only at select locations.
  • AirGroup/AirPlay uses device ownership and location information to limit the printers and Apple TVs available to network users.
  • A personal device is automatically shared with other devices owned by the same user. 

Register Additional Devices:

Click Register Your Device on the left bar and repeat the process.  

Manage Your Devices:

Click Manage Your Devices to edit, share, remove an existing device, or to add an additional device. 

Restart your IoT device & connect to VSU-IOT or VSU-IOT-5G.  

Need help? Call VSU Solutions Center at 229.245.HELP (4357) or submit a ticket at 

VSU-Guests is the wireless network designed solely for use by visitors of Valdosta State University, such as parents or vendors. Visitors must create a guest account that is valid for a limited time:

Available Monday thru Sunday, 7AM - 11:59PM (EST) | 10-hours session duration

How to Connect to VSU-Guests WiFi

1. Choose VSU-Guests from your device network list and tap GUESTS: Create Account Here

Create Guest Account screenshot

2. Fill out required fields; Agree to the terms and conditions; tap Register.

You will receive a text message and an email from that will include your guest username and password.

3. Enter the provided Username and Password and tap Sign On.

4. Read and Accept the Use Policy; tap Continue to connect to VSU Guests wireless network.

Need help? Call VSU Solutions Center at 229.245.4357 or submit a ticket at

Is your department hosting campus guests who need wireless access for an extended time (e.g., summer camp or weekend conferences)? If so, request a sponsored-account so your guests can access the VSU-WiFi and/or VSU-IOT networks for the duration of the sponsored event.

Sponsored-Account Creation

Go to, click “Service Catalog” (the middle box on the homepage), and type “Sponsored Guest WiFi Access.” Then, click on “Network Services.”
    1. Once in the form, select “Request Sponsored Guest WiFi Access” for the Service, and you'll see the request form populate.
    2. Filling out the request’s information, you’ll need to simply follow the instructions on the form.

      The request for Sponsored Guest WiFi Access is included inside of our Network Services request form, so users will need to do the following to access it:

    • We will need a signed copy of our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) from each guest BEFORE we’re able to create their account.
      • You can submit this by emailing the form to, bringing it to the I.T. Helpdesk on the 2nd floor of Odum Library, or by uploading the form directly to the TSP request.
    • Often, the Request for Sponsored Guest WiFi Access is filled out for our summer camps to give participants WiFi access, and in many cases, these participants are minors. We are unable to accept an AUP signed by a minor, so we will instead need their sponsor (usually the camp counselor) to sign on their behalf.

Sponsored Guest

Upon approval, you will receive an email from '' that contains your guest login credentials (username and password).


To connect to the VSU wireless network on a personal device (e.g., cell phone or laptop), you'll need to log in to VSU-WiFi using the steps provided in this connection guide using the provided guest login credentials.


  1. To connect your entertainment devices (e.g., smart TV, game console, wireless printer, etc.) to the VSU-IOT network, you'll first need to follow this registration guide and use the provided guest credentials to register your device on

  2. After registering your device, you'll be able to connect to the VSU-IOT wireless network.
You will have access to VSU wireless networks for the duration the sponsored department requested.

Need help? Call VSU Solutions Center at 229.245.4357 or submit a ticket at

eduroam is a secure and encrypted wireless connection that is available at VSU to students, researchers, faculty, and staff associated with another higher education institution that is participating in the eduroam project. eduroam is available at all University System of Georgia (USG) institutions and globally. 

CONNECT: Select eduroam from your list of networks and enter the email address and password from your home institution.

To learn more about eduroam, visit and

Need help?
Call VSU Solutions Center at 229.245.4357 or submit a support ticket at

WAAV-Valdosta-#### is a third-party open WiFi connection that is available on VSU shuttle and athletic buses that allow you to stay connected even when you are on the go.

The hashtags are replaced by the four numbers assigned to the bus you are on.

Open WiFI on VSU Buses

Need help? Call VSU Solutions Center at 229.245.4357 or submit a ticket at

Got questions? Visit the Wireless FAQ page.

Need more help? Contact VSU Solutions Center.