VSU Wireless Networks

Got questions? Visit the Wireless FAQ page for answers.

Connect to VSU Wi-Fi

a secure and encrypted connection that requires authentication through VSU login credentials. This network is geared for use by VSU students and employees.

Connect to VSU-Guest

an open connection designed for visitors on campus. By default, a guest account is valid for 5 days.

The VSU-Guest network may also be used by resident students to connect gaming devices and TVs.

Connect to eduroam

a secure and encrypted connection that is available to students, faculty, and staff associated with another higher education institution that is participating in the EduRoam project. Coverage may not include entire campus.

If available, select eduroam from your list of networks and enter the email address and password from your home institution to connect. 

Connect to WAAV-Valdosta

a third-party open WiFi connection that is available on VSU shuttle and athletic buses.

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