VSU Wireless Networks

Valdosta State University offers several wireless networks to help you stay connected and productive. VSU students and employees, connect to the 5GHz (fastest) or 2.4GHz (legacy) WiFi network for your compatible laptops/mobile devices and the registered network for your IoT (Internet of Things) devices. And while on a VSU transient bus, connect to our 3rd-party network. Campus guests and those from participating institutions of the Eduroam project, can connect to specialized, designated networks.  

Got questions? Visit the Wireless FAQ page for answers. Need help? Contact VSU Solutions Center.


    VSU-WiFi Connection Guide

    This wireless network is geared for use by VSU students and employees whose mobile device (cell phone, laptop, and tablet) supports a 5Ghz bandwidth. This network will not display if device does not support it. 

  • VSU-LegacyWifi

    VSU-LegacyWiFi Connection Guide

    This wireless network is geared for use by VSU students and employees whose laptop or mobile device only supports a 2.4Ghz bandwidth.


    VSU-IOT Connection Guide

    This wireless network is designed to connect IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as a gaming console, smart TV or speaker, a streaming device, and other smart devices. You must first register your IoT device at mydevices.valdosta.edu before connecting to this network.

    Notes: Gaming/entertainment devices no longer connect to the former VSU-Guest network. 
    Cellphones, laptops, and tablets (e.g., iPads and Galaxy Tab) typically connect to VSU-WiFi or VSU-LegacyWiFi network.

  • VSU-Guests

    VSU-Guests Connection Guide

    This wireless connection is designated solely for VSU campus visitors such as parents or vendors. By default, a guest account is valid for 5 days.


    EDUROAM Connection Guide

    This is a secure and encrypted connection that is available to students, faculty, and staff associated with another higher education institution that is participating in the EduRoam project. Coverage may not include entire campus. If available, select eduroam from your list of networks and enter the email address and password from your home institution to connect. 

  • WAAV-VALDOSTA (Transient Bus Network)

    WAAV-VALDOSTA Connection Guide

    This is a third-party open WiFi connection that is available on VSU shuttle and athletic buses.