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InfoSec provides services that allow users to work and learn in a more secure environment.

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Our critical mission is protecting the University's digital information.

  • Ensuring the ability of the University to grow and fulfill its mission in the face of an ever-changing risk environment.
  • Aiding the University in advancing a technologically sound education medium.
  • Maintaining the role of an active and responsible participator in the Internet world.
  • Ensuring the integrity of the University’s technology-based teaching medium

The Information Security Department strives towards these goals by implementing, measuring and continuing to promote user awareness in the field of information security. The purposes of these goals are to strengthen the resilience of the University by limiting the effect of security-related exposures through creating and maintaining policies and procedures to ensure business continuity. Developing and nourishing plans and methods for becoming both proactive and effectively reactive to threats that endanger the strategic plans of the University and the University system is ultimately the purpose for such endeavors.


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