The Mypages server hosts personal web pages for Valdosta State University faculty, staff, and students. Users can connect to Mypages using the username and password for their Computer Logon (Active Directory) account to upload files. Content published by users must abide by the Campus Acceptable Use and Security policies.

The VSU Solutions Center offers support for accessing your Mypages account using SSH Secure Shell. However, we do not provide assistance for the creation of content to place within your Mypages account.

Some common questions regarding MyPages are:

Do I need to request a Mypages account?

Your Mypages account is created automatically within 3 business days of registering for classes in the Banner (Registration) system. You will not have to contact Information Technology to request the creation of the account.

To access the account, all you will need to do is use your Active Directory credentials. You can find out more on these credentials at our Active Directory guides.

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How do I determine my Mypages user name and password?

You can follow the steps located in our guide for determining your Active Directory information in order to acquire this information.

If you have forgotten your Mypages password or are using Mypages for the first time, you will need to set your password using the Password Reset Tool.

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How do I upload content and view content on Mypages?

We recommend and support the use of SSH File Transfer for uploading your content to Mypages. This program can be found on campus computers, and you can likewise download it onto your personal computer from our recommended technologies page. We also offer a guide for uploading content to your Mypages web space. After you have uploaded your content to Mypages you can view it through a web browser by typing the following into your address bar:<username>/<file or folder name>

Replace the <username> displayed here with the first part of your email username (do not include Replace the <file of folder name> displayed here with the name of the file or folder you uploaded.

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Can I access Mypages from off-campus?

You can access Mypages from both campus computers and off-campus. Steps for doing so will be the same regardless of your location. 

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Where can I get training for web site content creation?

The VSU Solutions Center offers support for accessing your Mypages account using SSH Secure Shell. However, we do not provide assistance for the creation of content to place within your Mypages account.

However, VSU faculty, staff, and students can access website creation tutorials via Hoonuit--a resource that provides video tutorials on numerous software programs such as Dreamweaver, HTML 5 & CSS3.

To Login to Hoonuit:

  • Select: MyVSU from any VSU webpage
  • Login: with your Active Directory account
  • Select: Hoonuit and then search for your desired program

Note: Once logged into MyVSU, if you do not see Hoonuit in your list of portals, click the gear icon to turn on editing. To add Hoonuit to your list, key search for it and then click the add (+) icon; click the gear icon again to stop editing.

Additionally, students interested in web site content creation training can sign up for courses such as:

  • ACED 3610 - Web Design and Multimedia
  • ART 2030 - Computers In Art
  • PERS 2730 - Internet Technology

If you are creating a web site as part of an assignment for a course, please direct inquiries concerning content creation to your instructor.

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Can I connect to Mypages using a Mac?

You can connect to your Mypages account from either a PC or a Mac

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Why does VSU recommend SSH Secure Shell?

While you can create web site content through a number of web publishing programs such as Microsoft Expression Web and Adobe Dreamweaver, we strongly recommend that you upload the files to your Mypages account using a program called SSH Secure Shell.

SSH Secure Shell is recommended for uploading files for the following reasons:

  • SSH Secure Shell has been tested and verified to be compatible with Mypages.
  • SSH Secure Shell is installed on PC computers throughout the campus.
  • SSH Secure Shell can be downloaded and used on your home computer.
  • SSH Secure Shell has advanced diagnostic features built in to help us assist you further if you encounter a technical issue while accessing your Mypages account.

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Is Mypages the same as FTP?

FTP (or File Transfer Protocol) is a method of transferring files from one computer to another.

This is different from, which is an older web server that we are in the process of moving away from.

Mypages is the new web server that is replacing and is hosting personal web sites created by faculty, staff, and students.

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