With the recent USG-mandated changes of transitioning Banner from individual campuses to a centralized Banner Managed Services (BMS) model, the system we previously used to retrieve or uploads files to Banner have been replaced with a different system used by USG called Managed File Transfer (MFT) - MoveIT.

Managed File Transfer (MFT)

URL Access: https://files.usg.edu

For step-by-step instructions use the following guide: MFT User Guide

Here are a few tips regarding uploading/downloading files to MFT-MoveIT:

  • Look for your departmental sub-folder. The directory where all output goes, other than .lis and .log files, is ManagedServices/VSU/Banner/B510/userdata/jobsub.
  • There is a 3-minute delay when uploading and downloading files. When applicable, upload multiple data files at the same time to prevent successive 3-minute delays. You can click your browser’s Refresh icon to see the latest status as you complete the upload process.
  • Once a file has been successfully uploaded to the server, the extension “.upload” will be added to the end of the filename (example: abc.123.upload). However, the file will be loaded into Banner using the original filename without the “.upload” extension.
  • Files are deleted 30 days after they are generated.

The table below charts where you upload the file(s) in MFT and the file path you will enter when filling out the job parameters in Banner Admin:

File location in the MFT Directory Enter this Value for the Data File Name in Banner Admin:
/ManagedServices/VSU/Banner/B510/userdata/finaid/<filename.ext> /B510/userdata/finaid/<filename.ext>
/ManagedServices/VSU/Banner/B510/userdata/arsys/<filename.ext> /B510/userdata/arsys/<filename.ext>
/ManagedServices/VSU/Banner/B510/userdata/student/<filename.ext> /B510/stu/<filename.ext>

Example: srtload.txt (Student)

An example of where to upload using banner mft.

If you have additional questions or comments, please contact the Banner team at banner@valdosta.edu.

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