New Media Center


Transition to Fall 2020: (August 3 - 16) 


Monday - Thursday: 10 AM - 3:00 PM
Friday: Closed
Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

Our New Hours for Fall Semester will be posted starting Friday, August 14. 

During the current hours of operation, we will keep the doors closed and locked for our security and yours. We are in the process of modifying our Equipment Request Forms and Policies. You can find more information about this on our late-fee-policy page. We won't officially have equipment loans available again until the start of the semester.

Note: While waiting for pickup or return, please maintain proper social distancing. No more than 10 people may wait in the lobby area. If more than 10 people show up at a time, please leave the area and come back at a later time. Call us at 229-333-5863, to notify us that you have arrived. Have your 1-Card ready. During our hours of operation, we will meet you at the main entrance of the New Media Center to provide you with the equipment requested and approved. We will have a very small crew of no more than 2 people at the office each day that we are open. Thus, please be patient with us as we do our best to fulfill your requests. 

Other requests can be made by emailing If you need a poster, feel free to use our online form to start the request process. We take cash or check for these transactions. Again, we are limited with how many staff we will have and the number of hours we will be working on-site. Thus, we will not be able to fulfill requests as rapidly as we have done in the past. Here is the Poster Request Form

A Little About Us

We are located on the first floor of Odum Library in the new addition. We thrive on ensuring that our patron's experience is great! Our motto "Be Creative" embodies what we do daily, and what we hope to instill in others. You can read more about us here. Below we discuss briefly what you can do at the New Media Center.

What to Do @VSUNMC 

Tour Facility: The New Media Center is an open facility where students, staff, and faculty at VSU can come in and complete various new media and traditional media-related projects. We have a lot of digital media software that can best meet your needs. Our VSU patrons can benefit from the many spaces available in the NMC. Patrons can request a space using the online reservation form. These spaces include editing suites for individual or group media development work, large classroom and small classroom presentation needs, and finally a green screen room for presentation practice and delivery.   

Make a Poster Request: The VSU community may send us requests via e-mail or in person at the New Media Center. The following is a form that students, staff, or faculty may use to make poster print requests (Poster Request Form). Requests can be e-mailed to our group alias, When sending a poster to us via email, please be as specific as possible (i.e. the number of poster prints needed, print size, if the poster will be laminated, and if the poster will be mounted on white or black foam board). Attach your posters as a PowerPoint or PDF file. When submitting posters it is best to have your poster sized to the poster size you would like for us to print it out at. Two common sizes are 22x34 inches or 36x48 inches. If it is not sized to the desired size, we will send you a re-sized version to proof and edit and to send back to us. For more instruction on making a request with us check out our Project Request page found here. Follow this link to find video instruction on how to size your poster using PowerPoint.

Purchase Media Supplies & Services: We are a heavy service-oriented office who support only current students, staff and faculty of VSU. Our prices are set primarily to cover the cost of supplies. We want to ensure that patrons can print academic posters, laminate, or even print out 3D designs, without paying the high prices one may see at non-academic establishments. We do this because we are a non-profit institute working from primarily student tech fee funds. 

Check-out Media Equipment: Stay on top of our reservation and checkout policy to ensure that you are eligible to check out equipment.

Learn New Software: Are you preparing a lesson plan and want to incorporate digital interactive elements or require a multimedia assignment based activity? Or, do you just want to know some of the fundamentals of digital media? Check-out our Workshop Portfolio page. We may already have a workshop available that meets your needs. Alternatively, we can explore providing special requests for workshops that are relevant to what software we are already teaching.

Find CC Resources: We adhere to a strict copyright policy. It is important that you are aware of this policy for not just the work done at our facility, but also for your professional development. We want to provide various resource options for students and faculty to explore while developing their own content, which is both open educational resources (OER) and creative commons media (CC). These tools were developed by the content owner with the purpose of community use based on the specific CC license attributed to their work.