Room Reservation Policy

  • Who can request a room?

    Rooms may be reserved by current students, staff, or faculty members at VSU. Room reservations will be reserved to those who have an academic request above those who have a request for personal reasons. NMC requestor's will need to be in good standing (i.e. no late fees or fines from NMC equipment loans). 
  • How long can a room be reserved?

    A maximum of 2 hours per request.
  • 15 Minutes Late

    A patron may be up to 15 minutes late for their scheduled time to use one of our rooms. Any pre-scheduled room may be forfeited and re-assigned to a walk-up patron if 15 minutes late from the scheduled time.
  • How often can someone request a room per day?

    Twice per day. A request can only be made a second time after the patron has completed their initial stay.
  • Can I Lose my Reservation Privileges?

    Privileges can be lost for individuals who violate the following repeatedly: 

    1.) Occupancy beyond 3 student at a time for editing suites.

    2.) Food and non-bottled drinks are found in the room. 

    3.) Cables or peripherals are moved without approval by staff at the NMC. 

    4.) Audio is too loud.

    5.) Patron has late fees or fines on their ALMA/Banner account.

  • How are requests made?

    Room reservations can be made online or in person. A photo ID is needed when requesting a room. If no rooms are available at the time you desire, then you are welcome to request in advance of up to a month. Requests made in advance can only be made once per week unless approved by the management staff at the New Media Center.

    Request by calling 229-333-5863 or going online and completing this form: Online Registration

  • How many people can be in a room at a time?

    A maximum of 3 person can be in a room at a time for editing suites.
  • No damaged or missing equipment

    Equipment should not be moved around unless permitted by a New Media Center staff member. Equipment should always be placed back in its original location. If equipment is found to be missing from the room or damaged then a potential fine will be added to the patron’s account who was last assigned the room based on the cost of the item in question.
  • No loud audio

    The audio should not be too loud. Respect the other patrons in the surrounding New Media Center labs. You will be asked a maximum of three times during your session before losing your privileges of requesting a room. Privileges will be granted again after a month has passed.
  • No food or drink

    No beverage or food can be brought into the room requested. The only exception is a bottled drink or drink in a closed container.
  • Don’t lock the door

    New Media Center staff can come in and check on the room at any time. There will be a clear knock on the door before we enter. We will do this to verify that the rooms are still in use, and that there are no issues that need our attention. Repeated offences will lead to possible loss of room reservation privileges. Privileges will be granted again after a month has passed.