Complete the Poster Request Form and we will get back with you on the estimate or follow-up clarifications. If you are still having trouble sending in your request, email us at for support. We will respond within a 1-business day period.

Refunds are not able to be provided. We are not responsible for inspecting your work for typos, photo quality, or size issues. If you send us a file for printing purposes, then it likely will be printed and charged as is. It is most preferred that a file is sent to us as a PDF with the image set to your desired print scale. You are responsible for inspecting your file before sending it to us for print. If you are not comfortable with this, please schedule a time to work with an NMC technician to ensure that the quality meets your expectations. If print jobs have errors due to the printer or supplies such as significantly streaked, faded, smudged, spotty, or creased paper, a paper jam that did not reprint, or toner errors then a reprint will be considered. Evidence of quality issues due to technical issues will need to be considered immediately after the print is picked up. Once payment is made, no refunds can be offered. Please inspect the job before you leave our facility. An NMC supervisor will be needed to further inspect any issues with you to determine whether or not a reprint can be offered. To be considered it is vital to notify the NMC immediately.

We will review projects for consideration for those who are students, staff, and faculty within the limitations of copyright and fair use, as well as the purpose of the job request. We will not take on requests that are from individuals not affiliated with VSU. A staff, faculty, or student member from VSU may request academic-related projects for printing needs. Personal projects can be considered for duplication services and some printing services. 

Personal projects that a VSU affiliated member can have done are personal picture album prints from 35mm film scans, duplication of personal non-copyrighted VHS or DVD materials. No printing for personal logo creations, marketing materials, or digital art, unless there is evidence that this is for a class assignment. Evidence can and should be presented before printing can be considered. Otherwise, external printing vendors should be explored for personal projects. 

If VSU is not involved with the project (i.e. non-VSU-Affiliated church, organization, or job) in some manner then we cannot accept the request. We want to keep our department from competing against local printing and AV businesses in the Valdosta area. We also want to ensure that the student tech fees that help keep our costs affordable are being used by and for the intended audience (VSU students, staff, and faculty) for the intended purpose of providing an outlet for affordable and obtainable supplies for academic success at VSU.    

Academic projects that a VSU affiliated member can have done include poster printing for the Undergraduate/Graduate Symposium and prints for various class assignments. This also may include duplication of a class video or audio presentation onto a new medium like DVD, CD, or online streaming. Advertisement and marketing materials will need to first be considered by the Creative Services department ( for the first right of refusal before we can consider the job. Evidence of refusal by the Creative Services department is required prior to sending your request to us. 

Depending on who you are, who your audience is, and what type of project you need, either the New Media Center or the Creative Services' Printing & Copying Services office can assist with your needs. You should know a little more about Printing & Copying Services if you are a staff or faculty member here at VSU before making your request at the NMC. 

Creative Services’ Printing & Copying Services (P&CS) provides
production printing services from one-color to full-color process
offset printing, large format inkjet printing, bindery and related
services for campus departments, organizations, and programs, with
their internal and external projects.

P&CS is capable of producing professional, high quantity orders of business cards, booklets,
brochures, catalogs, flyers, posters, postcards, stationery, and more.

In accordance with university procedures, all applicable printing
must be submitted to P&CS for the right of first refusal. If they are
unable to print your project, they will contact an appropriate vendor
to produce your project. These conditions must be met regardless
of the funding source.

The New Media Center facilitates computer stations for students, faculty, and staff to use. A request can be made while the patron is working on a computer in the New Media Center. Staff will be able to assist with the printing and minor assistance of media related work. We will not do an assignment for someone. However, some staff are trained to help with basic poster, video, and audio editing.

Project requests will have a turnaround period of at least 1-2 business days if it is a single poster order. Larger volume requests, if accepted by our office, can have a turn-around period of up to 1-week or more. It is best practice to avoid waiting until the last minute to place in a request. Some projects done at the New Media Center, like mounting posters to foam board, will be weather dependent. If it is raining, then we cannot provide the mounting to foam board service, and all mounting requests will be placed on hold. Academic requests take precedence over personal requests. We will contact the requestor based on the information supplied on the project slip after completing the request. We will send an e-mail notification for our first point of contact. An e-mail or phone call will be made at the end of each week.

Projects that are completed will be placed with what is called a project slip. Important information like date retrieved, patron e-mail, and patron phone number will be supplied on a Project Slip. The project slips are put together with the individual’s project request and shelved in a cubby hole designated by last name, which is located in the front lab area of the New Media Center. Dubbing projects will be located in the equipment circulation area.

General Patron: All projects can be paid for at the equipment circulation area in the back of the New Media Center. Pick up your project from the project shelving unit with your project slip. We only accept cash or check as payment options.

Organizations or departments: Authorized personnel may charge their respective department or organizational account, as long as the Yearly Departmental Authorization Form is already completed and in the database at the New Media Center. The following is the form needed to authorize individuals to charge a department. Department and Organizational financial authorities can click here to update this form and submit back to us.  

Projects will have a 3 week wait time after completion to be retrieved. If a patron fails to pick up their completed materials within this time period, then the total price reflected on the project slip will be added to their Banner Account. The price will be removed after receiving the paid amount reflected on Banner. At the end of the semester if your project is still at the New Media Center we will remove them from our storage. The patron who requested the project will still have the price on their Banner account. This unpaid balance will restrict patrons from being able to check out equipment until balance is paid in full.