Late Fee and Return Policy

  • NMC Equipment Available for Loan

    The NMC has over 700 items available for circulation. Our goal is to serve our enrolled students, staff, and faculty with media and general technology needs through free loan services for those who abide in full with our loan policy. Those who have a general academic need can find use for a laptop and laptop peripherals. Students, staff, and faculty may have more of a presentation focus where you can check out a rock blocker, extension cables, or an easel. We also cover the need for available A/V equipment for video production by our basic and intermediate users. A brief list of some of our available items in circulation can be found here: Equipment available for checkout. When checking out equipment, you will be considered a borrower of our equipment on loan with you. 

  • Equipment Loan Policy

    All equipment checked out from the New Media Center has a return due date and time of 2-business days before the NMC closes. Equipment returned after the due date and time are subject to late fees and possible holds on Banner records. Holds on your banner record will result in your inability to register for classes as well as request transcripts. Furthermore, borrowers who have accumulated late fees or fines are subject to the loss of equipment checkout privileges. These privileges can be reinstated once the late fees and fines have been paid. Please read the information below to gain a comprehensive understanding of the New Media Center policy:

        • Borrower defined: Someone who is a currently enrolled VSU student, or employee who currently works at VSU.
        • Standard Equipment Loan Period: Equipment will be due back 2-weekdays from the loan date. Equipment loaned on Monday will be due back by Wednesday during our hours of operation. Equipment loaned on Thursday or Friday will be due back by Monday during our hours of operation. Late fees will accrue at 8 AM each day for overdue items. Return items on or before the due date and time to avoid late fees. 
        • NMC Room Equipment Loan: Peripheral equipment like USB headphones and USB microphones are available for loan for just the NMC Rooms when needed. These items will not be considered standard equipment loans and are to only be used in the New Media Center during the allotted time a room is loaned to the patron. The NMC Room equipment peripherals will be loaned for a 2 hour period with 1 same day renewal available. There is a 1 hour grace period for these items with a charge of $1/hour overdue. Any late fees can result in the loss of reservation of rooms and equipment checkout privileges. 
        • Faculty/Staff Laptop Equipment Loan Period: Faculty and staff will have access to a limited pool of laptops that were purchased through the IDEA Center, now known as the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT). These laptops can be used for conferences, content creation needs, and for short periods of times that a Faculty or Staff member needs the laptop for academic reasons. A 1-Week loan period is allowed without the need for an extension form. Any loan period beyond that 1-week term needs to be approved by the Faculty or Staff's Dean or Director. This will be handled via the following PDF (Faculty Staff Extension) form that can be turned in upon pickup by the faculty or staff borrower or via email to

        • (Optional 6-Business day checkout of traditional equipment):
          • When checking out overhead projectors or easels, the borrower can request upon checkout to have this equipment for up to 6 weekdays that the NMC is open.

        • ID: A patron must have their own ID with them in order to check out equipment. A Student ID is preferred, but a driver’s license is acceptable.

        • Returned Items: Items are considered returned if all accessories and cables and all unit pieces that came with the loaned item(s) are returned to the NMC. 

        • Renewal Period: Items, when returned by the borrower, cannot be checked out again until the following business day.

        • Note: Faculty/Staff Laptops can be reserved for longer. The Borrower Agreement Form must be completed along with the Faculty/Staff Laptop Loan Request form by the Faculty/Staff member and approved by the NMC Director or CSA to process for any loans beyond the terms listed on the Borrower Agreement Form. (Link to Faculty/Staff Laptop Loan Request Form
    Late fines: Each operational weekday the equipment is late there will be an additional charge accrued per bulleted case below
        • Each digital item checked out accrues a $10 fine at 8 AM for every weekday overdue.
        • Each traditional item accrues a $5 fine at 8 AM for every weekday overdue.
      • Equipment Replacement:
        • Lost or Stolen Equipment: If equipment is not returned 5 business days after the due date it is considered lost.
          • The Item Replacement Fee of the equipment as listed in ALMA and a $5 Banner Processing Service Fee will be supplied via email to the patron when the item is considered lost and added to Banner.
          • If the equipment is returned or the Item Replacement Fee & $5 Banner fine charge are paid in full, then the Item Replacement Fee will be cleared from Banner and ALMA. The $5 Banner Processing Service Fee will only be removed if paid.
          • The late fee will continue to accrue until the equipment is returned in its entirety or the equipment is reported as lost with a police report. 
          • Laptops loaned will have tracking software installed. Tracking and data collection on the laptop can and will be used for laptops overdue.
        • Reporting of Lost or Stolen Equipment by Borrower: The borrower is responsible for filling a police report and providing this report to the NMC within 2-Weeks of the incident. A police report should be filled based on which jurisdiction the borrower is in when the incident occurs. For example, VSU UPD should be contacted for incidents that occur on VSU’s campus. The borrower will also be responsible for reporting this incident immediately to the NMC staff by emailing or calling (229) 333-5863. A late fine cap of $50 is provided for patrons who have reported their item(s) loaned as lost or stolen as well as turned in a police report to the NMC.

      • 7 Days Overdue: Failure to return equipment or pay for lost equipment by 7 business days overdue will lead to a report to the Student Conduct Office in Student Affairs to begin a formal investigation.

      • Damaged Equipment: If the borrower returns the equipment with significant damage beyond normal wear, the borrower is subject to a fine and a Banner Hold on their account for the amount of the cost listed below.
        • If the item cannot be repaired, then the cost will be the value listed in ALMA of the Item Replacement Fee as determined by the NMC Director.
        • If the item repair is cost-effective, then the cost will be based on the amount billed by the repair shop vendor used by the NMC.

      • After 30 days of failure to pay for the damaged returns:
        • The borrower will have a hold on their banner account of the value of the Item Replacement Fee and a $5 Banner Processing Service Fee.
        • The NMC will file a report with the Student Conduct Office in Student Affairs or with the borrower’s Department Head/Dean/Director

    • Loss of Check Out Privileges: If a borrower has any late fees or fines in ALMA they are restricted from checking out equipment until the fine is paid, this includes fines or fees from other circulation points in Odum Library.
  • Borrower Agreement Form

    Borrower Agreement Form - BlazerLink (Use Google Chrome)

    Borrowers will sign a document that acknowledges the late fine and equipment replacement policy that they are agreeing to when checking out equipment from the NMC. This document will be placed on file as an acknowledgment and agreement of our policies. This form will be made available at the equipment checkout window for signing off on before equipment can be loaned. A borrower may also decide to complete the form online through BlazerLink.

  • Special Conditional Forms

    PA System Request - Blazerlink (Use Google Chrome)

    Students who wish to use this form should already have an event listed in Blazerlink under their organization. This form is to be filled out each and every time a student needs a PA for an event occurring on or off campus that is sponsored through the borrower's event organization. This form should be completed 1-2 business days prior to the event. Whoever completes this form will be responsible for arriving at the NMC to pick up the PA system. Call (229) 333-5863 or email if you have any questions. Note: Loan of a PA is based on the same checkout policy listed for fines and fees that may be accumulated for late, damaged or lost items. VSU Departments will not be required to use this form. This form is also not needed for students, staff, or faculty who want to use our ION Rock Blockers instead. 

    edTPA Roster - Blazerlink (Use Google Chrome)

    Faculty teaching a class that requires student teachers to check out media equipment for the purpose of recording their student teaching for edTPA will need to complete this online form. We will keep the list sent to us on file for the semester the class is being taught. We will need a new roster sent to us each semester students will need the edTPA kits. A roster can be pulled from your BlazeVIEW course as a PDF file or can be sent to us as an excel file. If the form is not working properly for you, then please send us an email at with the attached roster file. Please note, at this time we have a limited supply of edTPA kits and can only supply this on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like for your students to attend a workshop covering the process of editing their video to meet the edTPA standards, please complete this form here: Special Request Workshop.

    1-Day Extension for Students to be completed by Faculty/Staff Sponsor - Blazerlink (Use Google Chrome)

    A faculty or staff sponsor will need to sign off on this form to grant authorization for the student's academic needs. Students who need to extend their equipment item(s) loaned will need to have this form completed by their faculty or staff advisor no later than when the equipment is due back. This is only for a 1-business day extension and may be used only 1-time per loan. A confirmation email will be sent off to the student and the professor/staff sponsor after submission.

    Faculty Staff Laptops - Blazerlink (Use Google Chrome)

    Faculty and staff now have access to their own laptop pool thanks to the joint efforts of the IDEA Center (now known as Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching), IT and the NMC.

    1. Faculty/Staff will need to complete this form 1-week prior to the requested loan date to help NMC staff verify that a laptop will be available.

    2. We will only circulate 1 Laptop per checkout to 1 Faculty/Staff at a time. 

    3. Loans beyond the standard 1-Week option for Faculty and Staff will require this request form to be submitted for consideration.

    3. ID: Faculty/Staff patron must have their own ID with them in order to checkout equipment upon pickup at the NMC checkout window. Having someone else pickup the equipment for the staff or faculty member will not be permitted.

    4. Renewals: A 1-week wait period prior to checking out a laptop again is required. This form must be submitted again for consideration. Renewal prioritization will be based on utilization stats.

    5. Returns: Faculty/Staff, like students, may checkout a different item type after returning the laptop. All items associated with the equipment must be returned in original working condition to the New Media Center to be considered as returned.

    6. Like Student patrons, Faculty/Staff are held accountable for failure to return items in on time and for damages that occur during loan period. A borrower agreement form will be accessible at the checkout window prior to being loaned any equipment. 

  • Payment


    Video Instruction: Pay Fines and Fees Online Video Guide

    Please note: Service Fee refers to the cost of the Banner Hold. A service fee will only need to be paid if a Banner Hold was placed on your Banner account. Payment for equipment damages or lost/stolen items can only be payable with cash or check. Follow the video guide above for further instructions.


    Fines can be paid in person at the New Media Center. We take cash and check only. We will not accept starter checks.


    Fines can be paid via mail.  

    Mail the check/ money order to the following address.

    1500 N. Patterson St.

    Valdosta, GA 31698

    Odum Library New Media Center

  • Policy & Procedure Changes

    The policy and procedures listed on this page can be changed as deemed necessary by the New Media Center staff. These changes will be updated here to reflect the most current version of our policy and procedures for equipment check out.