Late Fee and Return Policy

All equipment checked out from the New Media Center has a return due date and time. Equipment returned after the due date and time is subject to late fees and possible holds on Banner records. Holds on your banner record will result in your inability to register for classes as well as request transcripts. Furthermore, students who have accumulated late fees or fines are subject to the loss of equipment checkout privileges. These privileges can be reinstated once the late fees and fines have been paid. Please read the information below to gain a comprehensive understanding of the New Media Center policy:

  1. 24 hour checkouts of all equipment: Equipment is due back on the next day exactly 24 hours after the initial checkout time.
  2. ID: A patron must have their own ID with them in order to check out equipment. Student ID is preferred, but a driver’s license is acceptable.
  3. Extensions: A signed form is required to extend an item until the end of the next open day. A new form must be signed for each subsequent day an extension is needed.
  4. Late fines: For each operational hour the equipment is late an additional charge will accrue per bulleted case below.
    • Each digital item checked out accrues a $1 fine charge per hour
    • Each traditional item accrues a $0.01 late fine per hour.
  5. Equipment Replacement:
    • Lost or Stolen Equipment: If equipment is not returned 1 week after the due date it is considered lost. The initial purchase cost of the equipment will be added to the student’s banner account. This fine will only be removed if the equipment is returned or the fine is paid. If the equipment is not reported as lost within a 3-week period then the equipment will be considered as stolen and legal action may be pursued.
    • Damaged Equipment: There is a $50 minimum charge for any damaged equipment beyond normal wear and tear. If the equipment cannot be repaired then the charge will be based on the initial purchase cost of the damaged equipment.
  6. Banner holds: Holds will be placed on students who have unpaid fines past 1-month. These holds add a one-time $5 service charge to the original fine.
  7. Checkout fine limit: If a student has any late fines in Alma they are restricted from checking out equipment until the fine is paid.

Signed Agreement Form:

Students will sign a document that acknowledges the late fine and equipment replacement policy that they are agreeing to when checking out equipment. This document will be placed on file as acknowledgement of our policies. This form will be made available at the equipment checkout window. The form can be completed on the same day as your first attempt at checking out equipment for that semester. If changes are made to the policies at the NMC then a new form will be made available for signing at the equipment checkout window for completion prior to checkout. 


Paying Online:

Video Instruction: Pay Fines and Fees Online Video Guide

Please note: Service Fee refers to the cost of the Banner Hold. A service fee will only need to be paid if a Banner Hold was placed on your Banner account. Follow the video guide above for further instructions.

Paying in Person:

Fines can be paid in person at the New Media Center. We take cash and check only. We will not accept starter checks.

Paying by mail:

Fines can be paid via mail.  

Mail the check/ money order to the following address.

1500 N. Patterson St.

Valdosta, GA 31698

Odum Library New Media Center