The Odum Library New Media Center is a service oriented office providing assistance in media content development, media presentations, and provides access to a wide variety of traditional and new media equipment and software.

What we do

Located on the first floor of the Odum Library (new expansion), New Media Center provides specialized tools and equipment for working with digital media and for producing multimedia products and presentations. New Media Center houses sixteen specially equipped and configured workstations, each dedicated to the development and creation of digital media content. The NMC also provides specialized input and output tools, including devices for high-quality slide and flatbed scanning, photographic-quality print output, capturing from and recording to videotape, and authoring to CDs and DVDs. Also available are a wide assortment of software tools for producing, editing, presenting, and distributing digital media materials; these include the Adobe Pro and Office 365 software collections. Finally, New Media Center provides the VSU community with a wide variety of traditional av and digital equipment for check out purposes.

Who uses our services

Faculty and Staff utilize our services to develop course-related media content for online and face-to-face instruction and presentations requiring audio/video capturing.

Students use our services to complete presentation projects and class assignments from a simple PowerPoint presentation and poster display to more sophisticated projects incorporating audio and video editing.