NMC Workshop Request

Workshop Request Form
  • Open to all currently enrolled students and employed faculty / staff at VSU.
    • For 1-on-1 training
    • A small group of 2-4
    • A class of students
    • A department or campus organization
  • Workshops are geared towards
    • Introductory media software applications (i.e. Photoshop, PowerPoint, Audition, and Premiere)
    • NMC Tour
    • Introduction of how to use an item or items in circulation (i.e. DSLR, Gimble, Camcorder, or Microphone)
  • Requests for a workshop or 1-on-1 session aren't guaranteed. 
    • Please provide us a 1-business day response time and 1-2 weeks to prepare for groups or class sized presentations
  • Workshops are commonly held at the NMC using either the NMC Classroom (1370), Multimedia Room (1300) or Mac Lab (1340)
    • Greater than 30 students in a workshop, we will need to host outside the NMC in Odum Library
    • It is preferred to host on-site for application training to ensure software is working for in class demonstration
    • Each space can be further explored on our Tour Facility Page
  • See the NMC Workshop Page for more details.

Please fill out all of the fields below.

  • Please type "1" if only you will be coming. If more than just you, please type the number of people who will be attending. Note that if there are more than 30 students, we will need to book a space in the Library that can accommodate the total number of students, such as room 3270.
  • Multiple dates and times will help us to see if it is possible for us to maintain general services offered at the NMC and still provide this training session. Please be mindful of our hours of operation.
  • If you select multiple options, please provide multiple dates and additional details about your requirements. Most workshops are approximately 45 minutes to an hour long. 

    If you select other, you will need to clarify what it is that isn't listed above that you would like to see. This type of workshop will be explored, but is not promised. 

  • NMC Tour (Usually 10-15 minutes long)
    Adobe Audition Basics (Audio Editing)
    Adobe Photoshop Basics (Photo Editing)
    Audacity Basics (Audio Editing)
    iMovie Basics (Only fits 10-12 students)
    PowerPoint: Poster Creation in a Snap
    Screen Capture Training: Camtasia 8 (1-ON-1 or No more than 8 people)
    Premiere Basics (Video Editing)

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