Media Transfer and Duplication

Media Transfer:

The New Media Center is capable of making multiple copies of any authorized VHS tape for streaming purposes (for academic use only) or for transfer to alternative media types (i.e. VHS to DVD). Five items or more will receive an additional $10 service charge along with the standard cost. Media transfer will cost $2.00 per hour for non-academic work (no charge will be made for the first academic related transfer). 


After a transfer is made to DVD format, then duplications can be done using our dubbing towers. We can duplicate 9 DVDs per tower. We have two DVD dubbing towers. Patrons can bring in DVDs that they are authorized to duplicate as well. DVDs bought from us will be $1.50 each plus tax. Duplication costs $10.00 per hour or $2.00 per dub for non-academic work, whichever is cheaper (no charge will be made for the first academic related duplication). For example: if a patron wants to have 4 duplicates of a DVD, then the duplication cost will be $8.00. However, if a patron were to instead want 9 duplications, then the cost would instead be based on the $10 per hour rate.  

We can transfer:

  • (AUDIO ONLY) 7.5-inch reel-reel to .MP3/WAV, CD or DVD 
  • Cassette to Cassette
  • Mini Digital Video Cassette to DVD or VHS
  • VHS-C to regular DVD or VHS
  • Hi-8 to regular DVD or VHS (patrons must bring Hi-8 Camera)

We also provide International Video Standard conversion (PAL, SECAM, MESECAM to NTSC).

Copyright Policy: The New Media Center adheres to the copyright policy set forth by Valdosta State University.

We are a student-focused area and do not accept jobs from individuals not affiliated with Valdosta State University.