Blazeview Video Streaming

VSU adheres to the copyright policy set for the by the University System of Georgia and TEACH guidelines. You may request the Odum Library New Media Center to stream your video clips for access behind BlazeVIEW D2L. All copyrighted videos to be streamed must follow the criterion below:

  • The video will be used to illustrate a concept in a Valdosta State University classroom
  • Valdosta State University or VSU faculty owns an Original Copy (Master Copy) of this video
  • The website on which the video will be streamed has restricted access (i.e. password access, BlazeVIEW D2L user authentication, etc.)
  • The video will be removed as soon as its instructional purpose is full-filled. Note: The amount of time given to the viewing of copyrighted material, which would include audio and video, within a secured online course must be comparable to that found in a traditional classroom – this is usually one class session. It is therefore recommended that the presentation of copyrighted material be pre-stated in the course syllabus allowing students time to arrange their schedules.
  • The amount of the video used will adhere to the reasonable and limited requirement of the TEACH Act.
  • This video will not be copied, recorded, downloaded, or indexed for searching.


  • Fill out request form for streaming media upload -make sure to include class course number and upload date.
  • Bring completed form along with the requested video to the New Media Center.
  • Fill out media project slip and choose A/V stream.
  • Once the video has been uploaded to Kaltura video streaming server a URL will be emailed to the faculty so that he/she can link the video from their BlazeVIEW D2L course. Note: If you need assistance adding the URL into your online course please contact eLearning.
  • At the end of the viewing period faculty will receive an email notifying them that the video has been removed.

All streaming request should be made 2 weeks before students are required to view them.

The New Media Center follows the guidelines set forth in the TEACH ACT.

For other video resources please check out Odum Library's Movies & Music page.