Spring Move Out Information

At the end of your Housing contract, all residents are required to vacate their residence halls 24-hours after their last exam. All non-graduating spring residents will be moved out no later than Saturday, May 7, 2022, before 7:00pm. The deadline for moving out for graduating seniors is Monday, May 9th before 3:00pm. It is advised that you leave at your earliest convenience due to congestions in the halls and traffic in our parking lots.

When you leave your space, we ask that you take everything home with you, reset the furniture to how the room looked when you moved in, and clean the space. If your space is not completely empty when you are asking to check out, then a staff member will ask you to remove all of your items before they can inspect your space.

We will have bin and dolly reservations available beginning April 22, 2019. Bins or dollies can be reserved from your residence hall front desk during regular desk hours. To retrieve a bin, you must sign up with your name, student ID number, and a phone number. If a bin is not available at the time of your request, a Desk Attendant will call you when one become available with the phone number provided. If you prefer not to utilize these bins or in case of bins being in use when you arrive, please plan to also bring something of your own to use to assist you with your move out process.

How to Formally Check-Out of Your Room

  • You must check out of the halls properly. This means checking out with a staff member. All items must be removed before you have your move-out appointment.
  • You have two main options for checking out:
    • Signing up for a 30-minute move-out appointment via the Housing Portal at least 24 hours in advance. Information about how to make move-out appointments was e-mailed out Friday.
    • Go to the desk to be checked out – keep in mind we honor those who made move out appointments first, so you may have to wait.
  • The last option is to call HEART at 229-253-4000. We recommend this is as a LAST resort option, as there will be a longer than normal wait with them at this time.
  • You should be checking out between the hours of 10am and 10pm.
  • In order to have a pleasant move-out experience, do not wait until the last minute to check out or make an appointment. Additionally, we encourage you to make note of who checked you out.

Closing Checklist

  • Any trash must be taken to the trash area for your building. All large items must be taken out to a dumpster and not left in hallways, rooms, or next to trash cans.(Non-appealable) Community charges can be applied if trash is not managed well during this time
  • Take everything home with you. Leave the room empty.
  • Reset your furniture to the way it was when you moved in – please do not unloft beds.
  • Take your approved animal, fish, or ESA home with you.
  • Unplug everything.
  • Lock windows and open blinds.
  • Leave  air on 73 degrees.
  • Make sure you have any items that you need.
  • Clean the room.
  • Turn off lights.
  • Lock doors.

Parking and After-Hours Check-Out

When you are checking out, please abide by all parking rules and regulations. Cars should not be left unattended for extended periods of time, or parked in prohibited unloading zones. For more information on Parking and Transportation, please visit their website (https://www.valdosta.edu/administration/finance-admin/auxiliary-services/parking/).

At the Desk during Closing

To help you check out during this time, we have cleaning supplies and moving supplies at the desk. Check the attachment for more details as to what specifically will be available at each desk.

These begin at 10am on Sunday, April 25th and go to 6pm on Friday, May 6th

Late Stay Requests

If you suspect you need to stay past the deadline outlined above, please complete the late stay form here: https://forms.office.com/r/9siVZ5j0T8

The latest we will allow students to stay on campus is May 11th. Brown Hall residents should keep in mind that because Summer housing is in Brown, we will have even more limited flexibility in allowing them to be approved for late stays. Students who will be attending Maymester and living on campus for Maymester should have already completed their housing application in order for us to process their late stay request with that in mind. We do not anticipate allowing students to stay late if they are not enrolled in Maymester classes and slated to live in Brown Hall for Maymester.  Students who stay beyond approved late stay date or remain in the halls without late stay approval will be charged $18/day.

 We would like to thank you for staying with us this year and hope that you have an amazing summer!  If you have any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to speak with your RA, RHD, or stop by the Housing Office.  You can also reach us by emailing housing@valdosta.edu or calling us at 229-333-5920.