Moving In

  • When can I move in?

    Please see the main Housing page for current information regarding move-in dates
  • Where do I go when I arrive on campus to move in?

    Where and when you unload depends on your assignment. The Summer Newsletter contains move in slots and unloading areas. This information is also posted on our website. When you arrive on campus to move in, please report to the University Center on N. Patterson in order to check in and receive your room key.
  • Once I find my move in area, where do I park?

    When you find your move in area, you should first unload your vehicle before sending someone to park it. Once the vehicle has been unloaded and parked, typically in the Sustella Parking Deck, away from the move-in area, you should then move your belongings into your residence hall room. We realize that having to move your vehicle may be inconvenient, but we ask that you follow this policy in order to allow other students and their families access to the move-in areas. VSU buses run between residence halls and the parking deck for your convenience. The Summer Newsletter will tell you exactly where to unload and park per building.
  • Will there be volunteers to help with my move in?

    Yes. For Move-In Day, there will be volunteers from numerous student groups and university departments to assist students with moving in. These volunteers will be under the direction of Housing and Residence Life.
  • Will there be refreshments?

    Yes. For Freshman Move In Day, a limited supply of bottled water and ice will be available for students and their families.