For the most up-to-date move-in dates, we kindly direct you to visit the main Housing page. You can find all the current information regarding move-in dates by following this link.

Upon arriving on campus, we ask that you first proceed to the University Center located on North Patterson. This is where the check-in process begins. At the University Center, you will receive your move-in envelope containing important materials such as directions, room keys, and some special surprises. Once you have completed the check-in process, you can proceed to your designated hall to unload your vehicle and begin moving into your room.


When you arrive at your designated move-in area at the halls, we kindly request that you first unload your vehicle before sending someone to park it. Our dedicated volunteers will be available to assist you and provide bins for your convenience. You will have a one-hour time frame to unload your vehicle and place your items in your room.

After the one-hour unloading period, we kindly ask that you move your vehicle to the Sustella Parking Deck, which is located away from the move-in area. We understand that moving your vehicle may be slightly inconvenient, but this policy allows other students and their families access to the move-in areas. For your convenience, there will be VSU buses running between the residence halls and the parking deck. Detailed instructions on where to park for unloading will be provided in the Move-In communications. Additionally, a map will be printed on the front of your move-in envelope.

Please keep in mind that our aim is to streamline the unloading process, allowing you to unpack and settle into your room after moving your vehicle. This will help maintain a smooth flow of traffic and ensure a positive move-in experience for all residents.

On Move-In Day, we have arranged for volunteers from various student groups and university departments to be available and assist students with their move-in process. These volunteers will be under the guidance and direction of Housing and Residence Life. They will be readily accessible throughout the move-in area to provide support, answer questions, and help make your transition into your new residence hall as smooth as possible.

For First Year Student Move-In Day, we understand the importance of staying hydrated and energized during this exciting time. Therefore, we have made arrangements to provide a limited supply of bottled water and ice for students and their families. These refreshments will be available to help ensure that you are comfortable and refreshed throughout the move-in process.