• What will my mailing address be?

    Each student is assigned a mailbox in Hopper Hall (for residents of Centennial Hall, the mailboxes are located in Centennial). Combinations to the mailboxes may be viewed on your Banner account online at the beginning of the semester. Students should make sure that their mail is addressed as follows: Student's Name VSU Box _______ Valdosta State University Valdosta, GA 31698
  • Is there a different address for packages?

    No, all packages (UPS/FedEx, DHL, etc.) will be delivered to the campus mail office in Hopper Hall and may be picked up there.
  • What will happen to my mail during summer break?

    Students may fill out a forwarding address form at the campus mail office if they wish to have mail forwarded to them during the summer. Mail services for the apartment style residence halls, which are open year-round, will continue during the summer.
  • Do I need to bring my own telephone?

    Only if you want to activate local phone service because it is not provided. You can contact AT&T for installation, payment, and fees. Cordless phones must be 900MHz or 5.8 GHz.
  • How many computer data ports are in each room?

       VSU has moved to a completely wireless system and the data ports in the rooms are inactive.
  • What if I have problems getting my computer set up?

    If you are having a problem with your computer, you can contact the IT Solutions Center for assistance with supported products by calling (229) 245-HELP (4357) or sending an email to