Fall 2023 Move In Overview

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to all of you as we eagerly anticipate your arrival on campus this fall. Our dedicated staff has been working diligently to ensure a smooth and successful move-in process for everyone. In preparation for this exciting event, we have compiled important information and valuable tips to help you make the most of your move-in experience. To maintain a safe and efficient transition, we kindly ask for your cooperation in following the guidelines outlined below:

 Pack Essentials: We recommend packing only the items you truly need for your initial move-in, as you will have an opportunity to bring additional belongings over Labor Day weekend if desired.

  • Label Your Belongings
    • It is crucial to label all boxes, totes, and tubs with your name and room number. This will assist our staff in ensuring your belongings are properly delivered to your designated residence hall.
  • Restrictions on Trailers and U-Hauls
    • Please note that trailers or U-Hauls are not permitted as the parking lots at the residence halls are unable to accommodate them.
  • No Pets Allowed
    • To maintain a comfortable living environment for all residents, pets are not allowed in the residence halls during move-in. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to this policy.
  • What to Bring Checklist
    • We highly recommend reviewing the comprehensive "What to Bring" checklist, which provides guidance on essential items for your stay. You can access the checklist by clicking here
  • Utilize the Campus Map
    • Familiarize yourself with the campus map to locate your assigned residence hall and identify the University Center, which serves as the initial stop for all students during scheduled move-in hours. This link will take you to other relevant maps you may want to also understand.
  • Check-In Process:
    • At the University Center, you will complete the check-in process and receive your room keys. It is essential to follow the assigned timeslot for check-in, which you can select through the Housing Portal. For detailed instructions on selecting a timeslot, please refer to the timeslot guide available. The link will be accessible starting on July 17th.


First Year & Transfers Student Move-In 

Tuesday, August 8th and Wednesday, August 9th 

10am to 5pm (last timeslot offered at 4pm) 

Please note that some halls are only scheduled to allow move-ins on certain days. See the schedule below.

Date Halls Moving In First Timeslot Last Timeslot
Tuesday, August 8th
  • Brown Hall
  • Georgia Hall
  • Lowndes Hall
  • Reade Hall
  • Centennial East & West
10am 4pm
Wednesday, August 9th
  • Georgia Hall
  • Hopper Hall
  • Patterson Hall
10am 4pm



Returner Student Move-In

Thursday, August 10th and Friday, August 11th

9am to 6pm (last timeslot offered at 5pm)

Please note that some halls are only scheduled to allow move-ins on certain days. See the schedule below.

Date Halls Moving In First Timeslot Last Timeslot
Thursday, August 10th
  • Georgia Hall
  • Hopper Hall
  • Centennial East & West
9am 5pm
Friday, August 11th 
  • Georgia Hall
  • Hopper Hall
  • Lowndes (including SGSC)
  • Centennial East & West
12pm 5pm


What is a Timeslot?

By selecting a timeslot, you are choosing a specific timeframe during which you will arrive at the University Center (UC) to begin your move-in process. This includes checking in, receiving your keys, and collecting your move-in packet. Once you have finished at the UC, you will be directed to your assigned residence hall, where you will have exactly one hour to unload your vehicle before proceeding to unpack and settle into your room.

When selecting a timeslot, please note that the earliest listed timeslot indicates the earliest possible time for move-in, while the final timeslot represents the latest available option. It is important to select a timeslot that aligns with your preferred move-in date and time frame.

To choose your preferred timeslot, please access the Housing Portal beginning on Monday, July 17th. It is important to remember that the available dates and timeslots will be specific to your assigned residence hall. If you encounter any difficulties in finding a suitable timeslot, we recommend contacting the housing office at 229-333-5920. Our dedicated staff will do their best to assist you and explore potential solutions.


Can my transfer student move in with returners instead of First Year students?

Transfer students have the flexibility to select a timeslot either during the returner move-in or the first-year move-in period. We also encourage transfer students to consider participating in the SPARK program, as it provides a valuable opportunity to acclimate to VSU and engage with fellow students.


Are you an early arrival?

If you believe you qualify for early arrival, please refer to your VSU email for detailed information and instructions. Prior to July 14th, you should have received communication from the VSU housing office regarding the necessary details related to your early arrival status.

Should you have any additional questions or require further assistance, please feel free to contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life. You can reach us via email at Housing@valdosta.edu or by calling 229-333-5920.


Please contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life if you have any questions. You can email at Housing@valdosta.edu or call at 229-333-5920. Please do not forget this page that may answer additional questions you have: click here.