Yes, you can request to share a room with someone that you know. Please note that students must mutually request each other. The Housing Office tries to honor all roommate requests, but we do not guarantee that they will be assigned together. Note: If you apply by April 1st for the following fall semester, Housing and Residence Life will try to honor either your hall preference or roommate preference.

No, we only house students of the same gender together.

Your roommate’s name and contact information will be posted on your Banner account once assignments have been completed. This process varies each year, but the roommate assignment information is usually available mid July. Please see the main Housing page for the exact date when this information will be available.

Contact your roommate in order to get to know him/her and to discuss what you will plan to bring for your room. This is also a good time to discuss your expectations and set some ground rules for your room.

The first thing to do is talk about the situation with your roommate. However, if the issue is not resolved, then you should contact your Resident Assistant and inform them of the situation. They will set up a meeting for you to sit down with the individual(s) involved and try to solve the problem. We do have roommate agreements available at your front desk that may be utilized for these situations if you do not want to change rooms. However, if the need to change rooms is present, you may contact your Residence Hall Director to request a change.

The earliest you can change rooms or roommates is two weeks after the semester begins. If you are experiencing a conflict with your roommate, you should first contact your Resident Assistant for help in mediating the conflict. If you still desire to change rooms or roommates, you should then contact your Residence Hall Director to request a change.

All room changes are handled first by the Residence Hall Director. No room changes are granted during the first two weeks of school, as inventory of available space is still being completed. Room changes will be granted as long as space is available, and it is before the appointed deadline. We do not force students to move to accommodate other room change requests. An unauthorized room change is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook and subject to disciplinary action and a $25.00 charge.