Amenities and Hall Information

  • Are microwave ovens and refrigerators provided?

    Microwave ovens are not provided, and refrigerators are only provided in Centennial Hall. You are welcome to bring your own as long as they meet the appliances criteria listed in the Community Living Guidelines.
  • What size sheets fit on my bed?

    Extra long twin beds are in all halls except for Centennial, which has been upgraded to full-sized mattresses. If you would like to order linens through our sponsored linens program, please visit:
  • Is carpeting provided?

    Some residence hall rooms do have carpeting while others do not; this feature varies from floor to floor within each residence hall. As a result, you may find it best to wait until you have moved in and seen your room before you decide whether or not to purchase carpet.
  • May I bring my own furniture?

    If your furniture fits in your room with all of the university furniture, yes. Housing regulations prohibit the removal of any university furniture (beds, desks, tables, dressers, chairs, etc) from residence hall rooms. In addition, if you have a roommate, please remember to be considerate of his/her need for space within your room.
  • Are my personal belongings insured?

    The university does not provide insurance for your personal belongings. We recommend that you review your parents’ homeowners’ insurance to check for coverage of items that you bring to campus. Renter’s insurance may be available through their policy for little or no charge. If your insurance does not provide coverage, we suggest the following companies could be helpful for providing insurance coverage for a student's personal property. National Student Services, Inc. ( CSI Insurance Agency, Inc. (
  • Are there kitchens in the residence halls?

    Hopper Hall and Centennial Hall have communal kitchens. In addition, Centennial Hall and Converse Hall have kitchens within each apartment. Please visit the Centennial Hall Apartments page or the Converse Hall page for more information on the appliances provided in the apartments.
  • What is a community bathroom? Which halls have these?

    A community bathroom is a bathroom which is shared by the residents of a floor or other residence hall unit. All of the traditional residence halls have community bathrooms. Georgia, Hopper, Converse, and Centennial Halls have a bathroom shared by only the students in the unit (2-4 students).
  • Which residence halls have elevators?

    Georgia, Hopper, Langdale, and Centennial Halls have elevators. In addition, Lowndes and Patterson Halls contain wheelchair lifts.
  • Is Internet service provided in the residence halls?

    Yes, all of campus is Internet accessible, including the residence halls. While all of the residence halls have wireless Internet access, Georgia, Reade, Brown, Centennial, Hopper, Lowndes, and Patterson also have wired Internet access.
  • Is cable TV provided in the residence halls?

    Though traditional cable is not provided in the halls, residents can access Philo anywhere on our campus network. Philo delivers live TV and DVR capabilities to students’ laptops, tablets, smartphones, and TV sets.