Maintenance and Custodial Services

  • Who do I contact when something needs to be fixed in my room?

    Submit a work order form online. If it is an emergency, contact the front desk. If you have submitted the problem, and it is not completed in 2 days (weekends excluded), e-mail Please use the HallNet/Wireless Work Order Form to report Internet problems.
  • Who do I call to report Vending/Laundry issues?

    The easiest way to report a problem with a vending or laundry machine is to e-mail However, a telephone call to 259-2593 would be equally as appreciated. For more information about laundry and vending services, including refunds, please visit the Vending Services website.
  • Who is responsible for cleaning my room?

    Each resident is responsible for keeping his/her own room in a reasonably neat and clean condition at all times. Common area bathrooms in traditional halls, including showers, are cleaned on a daily basis except on the weekend. Residents in the apartments are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms and kitchens. Residents in the suite-style building are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms as well.
  • What do I do with my trash?

    Students are responsible for removing trash from their rooms/apartments, and placing all trash in the designated receptacles outside. The removal of trash left in stairwells or hallways may result in common area damage charges being assessed to the area. Please also remember to utilize the recycle bins in each residence hall for recyclable materials.